File Annotation and Redaction Support released for VirtualViewer AJAX

September 15, 2008 (PRLEAP.COM) Technology News
Watertown, MA. (September 15, 2008) – Snowbound Software, the leading provider of document viewing and conversion technology, today announced that its zero footprint viewer, VirtualViewer™ AJAX, will include annotation and redaction support beginning in September.

This release will enable end users to view and create annotations on a wide variety of images and documents through a web browser. Its XML-based annotations can be applied to any file supported by the viewer including Word, Excel, PDF, AFP, TIFF. Because the annotations are XML-based, annotations created in the Java or .NET client/server versions of VirtualViewer can be read in the AJAX viewer and other Snowbound product.

The AJAX option also handles redactions created within the other VirtualViewer configurations. Conversely, client/server options support annotations created in the AJAX viewer, enhancing processing collaboration because remote users will be able to access content and read/write annotations through a web browser; no longer restricted by operating system or desktop applications.

Additional VirtualViewer AJAX annotation features:

• Search and extract annotation – XML format enables search and extraction of information contained within the annotation. The captured information can be used to create audit trails and/or populate databases.
• Store annotations as separate objects – Enables capabilities to be based on user permission levels. This ensures document security and supports compliance efforts by adhering to the read/write permissions in the repository.
• Support a variety of annotations – Rubber stamps, highlighting, sticky notes, and more.

Chris Moynihan, Snowbound's product manager said, "Adding these capabilities and redaction support to our zero footprint viewer enables anyone with a web browser to annotate files. This removes the challenge companies face when they want to provide a viewing option, but do not control the end user environment or do not want to maintain clients or applets."

The zero footprint viewer is available for both Java and .NET. VirtualViewer AJAX incorporates Snowbound's unique Page on Demand™ (PoD) technology for fast document viewing. PoD utilizes server processing power to break-up and render pages, generate thumbnails, and immediately deliver only the requested page(s) to the client, regardless of the document size or format.

Moynihan added, "We believe this enhancement will help our customers accelerate their document and image workflow and further streamline processes. We want to offer the choice to implement the viewer, or combination of viewers, that best meets business needs without sacrificing critical collaboration requirements. Our ability to support annotations seamlessly across the VirtualViewer suite does that."

VirtualViewer is Snowbound's next generation suite of high-speed viewing technology that allows users to view virtually any file format on any platform, anywhere. With VirtualViewer, end users can manipulate, redact, create and print documents and images stored within the repository. It is the only viewing solution available today that offers multiple client and server configurations including a Java applet, a .NET client, and the zero footprint AJAX client. Users can combine one or more clients with one of our server components in either .NET or 100% Java for a complete client-server high-speed viewing solution.

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