Taglocity™ 2.0 Exhibits at Gartner Portals Content and Collaboration Summit

September 15, 2008 (PRLEAP.COM) Technology News
Vancouver, BC, September 15 2008 – Terazen Technology is exhibiting Taglocity™ 2.0 at the Gartner Portals Collaboration and Content Summit in Los Angeles on September 17th and 18th. Attendees are invited to visit booth K2 to get a firsthand look at the evolution of enterprise email: from 'push' only to 'push and pull'.

Co-founders Dave Towert and David Ing will be on hand to demonstrate how Taglocity™ 2.0 solves email overload in the workplace beyond individual productivity solutions. Taglocity™ 2.0 also allows people to share non-private information, and discover knowledge on-demand to reduce knowledge waste and improve departmental performance.

Taglocity™ 2.0 offers a unique two part solution to solving email overload and knowledge waste. The first part, Taglocity™ 2.0 for Outlook, is an add-in for Microsoft Outlook 2003 and 2007. It includes many innovative and simple-to-use features that improve personal email productivity, plus it provides a rich and tightly integrated interface to the second part of the solution called Taglocity Groups™.

Even without using Taglocity Groups™, Taglocity™ 2.0 for Outlook provides tremendous personal value to individuals by taking what's good about Gmail and putting it into Outlook, plus much more. Users get powerful email management and processing capabilities with tags instead of complex folders, they get user-defined tag actions, tag filtering, intelligent search with pruning, and indispensible contact centric conversation and attachment management features.

However, email overload in the workplace, largely due to 'office spam' (indiscriminate use of Reply All, CC and distribution lists), can only be improved so far with a single person and their inbox. This is a technology and social problem: to tackle it most effectively takes a community style improvement that can only occur within groups. To view a short introductory video of Taglocity Groups™, please visit www.taglocity.com/discovermore.html

People interested in trying out Taglocity 2.0 for themselves can download the public beta from www.taglocity.com

Terazen Technology Inc. is the developer of Taglocity™ 2.0, an Enterprise Web 2.0 inspired email management and knowledge sharing solution for professionals and enterprises. It solves email overload and knowledge waste problems without disruptive change. Boosting individual and team productivity, leveraging knowledge assets, improving information transfer, and streamlining collaboration are just some of the benefits their customers achieve. Learn more at www.taglocity.com