Cargo Crew Inc. A New Floridian Warehouse Service Firm, Set Out To Improve A worsen Relationship Between Lumpers and Truckers

September 30, 2008 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
In an attempt to improve a rather bad image of a service, to the transport- and logistics-industry better known as "Lumper-Service", Cargo Crew Inc., a Floridian Warehouse Service Firm is determined to reverse the worsening relationship between "Lumpers" and Truckers.

It is a known fact in the Transport- and Logistics –Industry that a majority of Truckers are less than pleased with the way they are being served by many of these so called "Lumper Services" who currently enjoy great protection partially by their hosting Warehouse and OSHA-Guide lines but also Insurance regulations, which prohibits drivers from unloading their trucks with heavy equipment themselves. They may be allowed to unloading or loading their trucks by hand, if they're even permitted on the dock, period. – A service-monopoly comes to mind -

Many lumper-teams are staffed with low-income workers from minority groups that receive little or now training, which often results in damaged goods or equipment and worst-case scenario, in bad accidents on and around the dock. Add exorbitant lumper-fees, slow and poor service and you find scores of very unhappy drivers, often waiting for hours to be unloaded or loaded.

"Long waits at the docks, carelessness with the equipment, damaged and missing freight, left behind trash in the trailer, topped off with a lumper-fee gone rampant, all served up by an unfriendly lumper-crowd, is what I as Truck-Driver can expect today if I want my truck unloaded", is what Rob Jacobus, a Driver for Prime Inc. and now one of the staffers at Cargo Crew Inc. had to say.

With a new concept that includes a variety of services on the carrier side, Cargo Crew Inc. hopes to improve the relationship between Lumper and Driver and have others, in particular smaller Lumper-Service Companies follow its example.

"We work hard to usefully link- and close existing communication gaps between Drivers and Warehouse personnel, which often is the reason for Drivers waiting for hours and blocking the docks until they get unloaded, all the while the Truck could be rolling", says Roland Zuercher, CEO of Cargo Crew Inc.

Cargo Crew Inc. was found and initiated by a small number of Warehouse Specialists, Truck Drivers and Insiders of this industry, all of who are dedicated to improve and enhance the quality and the usefulness of this most important service. Stay tuned….