New Content Optimisation Agency C&M Arrives: SEO & Online PR Re-Thunk

September 17, 2008 (PRLEAP.COM) Technology News
Content & Motion (C&M) formally opened its doors for business today after the successful beta launch of its new web site. The company, which describes itself as a Content Creation, Content Optimisation, SEO and Online PR agency all rolled into one, is led by ex-IBM head of media relations Roger Warner, and is already beginning to cause a stir with its range of content-centric web marketing offerings.

C&M's goal is to help its clients address their most pressing web marketing challenges through the delivery of content-based solutions. In practice this means identifying a clear set of objectives and corresponding audiences or targets; creating the right content offers to turn them on; using a bit of social media, SEO and online PR pixie-dust to seed it with them and have them beat a path to the right doors; and optimising the target web sites to convert them to a cause.

This process is formed on the basic understanding that good web marketing, good SEO, and good online PR must now be based on great content that satisfies two essential audiences in equal measure search engine spiders (so that a a web page can be crawled, indexed and 'understood' in the right fashion) AND human beings (so a page is compelling enough to be read, understood, rated and linked to).

Says founder Roger Warner: "We're kind of like an uber-new PR firm for the interweb era. Our goal is basically to help the world take a more profitable, cost-effective and content-first approach to its web marketing challenges."

"You simply can't game Google with meta tags and invisible technical wizardry any more," continued Warner. "Web marketing is less technocratic than it used to be, and relies more on the creative processes involved in hatching a good plan, producing great content and seeding it amongst the interweb. Technical know-how is necessary (and we have it in spades here at C&M), but the real job is in producing killer content that makes heads turn of both search spiders and human beings.

"This is great news for companies of all sizes and their customers, because producing great content isn't hard we all have great ideas and opinions to supplement our products and services. And if good web marketing means placing more of this stuff in the public domain, then the customer experience can only get better and better."

As part of its mission, the company is also committed to producing a variety of best practice 'How To' guides that demystify the processes of SEO, content optimisation, search engine marketing and online PR, which are all published free of charge via its new website.

In addition, the company is producing an 'industry insight' blog which will produce a weekly stream of helpful web marketing advice to marketers in every walk of life. The common goal is to make web marketing accessible and do-able for a non-technical marketing audience, and to take the 'rocket science' out of SEO and content optimisation.

Check out C&M's web site for further information about the company's new Online PR and Content Optimisation Services.

About Content & Motion

C&M is a Content Creation, Content Optimisation, SEO and Online PR agency. We use a variety of groovy web marketing techniques to help you win new friends and influence people. The company was founded in mid-2008 by Roger Warner web marketing junkie, ex-director of PR at IBM Europe, and personality type D.

The company works on the partnership model of all great consultancies, meaning that ownership is shared, staff are obsessive, brains and egos are large, and attention spans are notoriously focused. Fortunately this is good news for our clients, who tend to benefit from consolidated bouts of outrageously good service and smart thinking and execution.