Louisiana Attorney Joseph Gregorio Offering Haynesville Shale Lease and Leasing Law Services for Mineral Rights Owners

September 22, 2008 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
Joseph Gregorio, a Louisiana lawyer providing Haynesville Shale Lease law services, is providing attorney services for Louisiana landowners who have already leased their mineral rights to an oil and gas company, lease broker or "landman" and feel they were taken advantage by being put into a "bad" lease. Joseph Gregorio assists landowners, where the facts warrant, in canceling the "bad lease" and obtaining fair compensation for their Haynesville Shale gas mineral rights pursuant to a fair and appropriate oil and gas mineral lease.

Joseph Gregorio also helps mineral rights owners who are interested in Haynesville Shale Leasing with getting the best price and terms for your Haynesville Shale mineral rights lease. Land owners who are wondering what are their available options may call Joseph Gregorio's office for a free consultation at 1-800-209-9111.

"If you are a mineral owner and receive a letter in the mail, sometimes with a check included, requesting that you sign a document that appears to be a mineral lease, you should be extremely cautious because you may be permanently signing away valuable mineral rights without realizing it. Also, land brokers or people posing as land brokers, sometimes accompanied by a notary public, are showing up to people's homes stating that they want to rent their minerals for ten years. In realty the document they may be signing is a mineral deed with a general power of attorney and not a mineral lease; thereby signing away valuable mineral rights forever without fully realizing it. If you sign the documents provided to you, the general power of attorney may be later used to amend the document, after you sign it, to reflect that all mineral assets, even those already in production, are turned over for very little compensation. You should consult an attorney before signing anything. If you have already signed these documents, you need to contact an attorney to investigate your legal remedies," stated Joseph A. Gregorio.

Joseph Gregorio Offers the Following Law Services for Mineral Rights and Royalty Owners:

* Oil and Gas Litigation (Cancelation of Leases or Mineral Deeds)
* Consulting and Law Services for Land Owners and Lessors
* Mineral Rights and Royalty Owners Consultation

About Joseph Gregorio

Joseph Gregorio is a Haynesville Shale oil and gas attorney and lawyer with an emphasis on land owner mineral rights and leases in the Haynesville Shale natural gas discovery area. If you need attorney representation for your Haynesville Shale mineral rights leasing call 1-800-209-9111 for your free consultation http://www.HaynesvilleShaleLawyer.com/