Tyre Changers & Wheel Balancers - The best of both worlds from Tyre Bay Direct Ltd

October 10, 2008 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
There have been many arguments from many different companies but according to Tyre Bay Direct, an equipment supplier can only answer that question if they offer both machines. "As one of the only companies that can offer the choice between competitive Chinese tyre equipment and premium specification European models Tyre Bay Direct believe each option has it's merits." says Leigh Stote, Managing Director of Tyre Bay Direct. "There is no need for us to steer a customer to one make of machinery we offer as we are not limited by one range. We simply listen to what they require, competently advise what each machines' capabilities and specifications are, the warranty, service and accessory packages available with each and the customer can then make their own, informed decision to suit their requirements from our advice."

Some of the more popular machines from the Chinese range offer fantastic value for money. From 20" Semi Automatic machines to 26" Fully Automatic tyre changers, all the equipment comes complete with alloy protector mounting head, jaw and bead breaker protectors. Combined with full consumable and equipment packages also available from Tyre Bay Direct, these machines can offer a perfect start-up package.

Alternatively, from the European range, Tyre Bay Direct offer the Ravaglioli G870ES.26 with a clamping capacity of 28.5" complete with extra large body, 3 way pneumatic assist arm and quick release tooling set to make light work of the most difficult wheel and tyre combinations. For the ultimate in tyre changing equipment though, the lever less fully automatic G1200 is the pinnacle of the range. With a 34" capacity, double laser guided bead breaking and lever less mount and de-mount technology it really does stand head and shoulders above any other machine.

Tyre Bay Direct have introduced a new concept in mobile fitting The Shortie! Designed and manufactured by FASEP based in Florence, Italy, the Shortie! is based on an ultra-modern 16-bit microprocessor technology.

The Wheel Balancer is based around a modern design that caters for space requirements first. The machine is up to 3 times smaller than a standard machine, with 6 compartments for weights and tools and built-in place for 3 cones.

The heart of the balancer is built around the VQI 3-sensor system, a FASEP exclusive design, and is programmed with all standard functions such as split and ALU-SE as well as an innovative software functions like MARS that automatically minimizes chances of come-backs due to vibrations caused by residual static unbalance. What's more the software can be upgraded in seconds, just by connecting the balancer or flash drive to a PC so you can make sure your product is never outdated!

It seems though, no matter what choice is made on machinery, Tyre Bay Direct engineers are the best in the business. "We have a full team of our own engineers, most of which have worked in either Formula 1 Grand Prix or the retail industry as tyre fitters themselves, before being trained to build, install and maintain our machines so they know what fitting tyres is all about."

This range of machinery combined with the highest standard of after sales service and support means Tyre Bay Direct believe, for Tyre Changing Equipment, they really offer the best of both worlds.