BrandU Announces Power Path and Unified Conscious Development for Integral Business Success

September 25, 2008 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
Los Angeles, CA (September 25, 2008) In an effort to seek a more fulfilling life and career, more and more of today's entrepreneurs are engaging in "Conscious Entrepreneurship" by using the age old wisdom of Universal Law as the foundation for their business model.

Twenty-five year veteran entrepreneur and BrandU Co-creator W. Vito Montone has been studying and using Universal Law in his business for years and has seen its success.

"I'm proud to have witnessed something special in business today," commented Montone. "People deserve the same power in their businesses to fuel the independence required to support the world of the future. They are looking to do more than just run a business and make money; they're looking to channel their powerful passion and faith in the Universe."

Universal Law is defined as the guidelines that govern our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual growth. In today's world, this can be applied to business growth.

Montone says there's a formula, and when applied correctly, works every time for optimal business success. From his studies, he discovered a science that applies Universal Law to business creation by harnessing our human experience in life to fuel creative expression as business.

The science is called Unified Conscious Development (UCD), the underlying Integral theory behind all his business development programs-the latest of which is BrandU's Power Path Program. With this program, conscious entrepreneurs can use the Universal Law of UCD to expand and express business ideas as a powerful vision and create a business structure that will serve them for a lifetime. They are guided step-by-step in structuring their intent for their business, planning its release or growth, developing their organization and calibrating themselves to a new powerful version of their business.

With success story after success story of thousands of satisfied business owners, the Co-creator of BrandU® says these processes can be applied to any business of any size whether products or services, online or bricks and mortar.

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