Andrew Regan Leads Ground Breaking Expedition to Antarctica

September 25, 2008 (PRLEAP.COM) Education News
Andrew Regan will be returning to the Antarctic to lead the Moon-Regan Trans Antarctic Expedition.

The Team intends to cross the continent of Antarctica from the west coast to the South Pole, then heading north through the Trans-Antarctic Mountain Range to the coast at McMurdo. In all the Expedition will cover about 2,000 miles.

Integral to the Expedition will be the use of the specially designed Lotus Concept Ice Vehicle (CIV)- the CIV is a ground breaking bio-fueled vehicle capable of traversing Antarctica's extreme conditions.

The CIV achieves this by travelling on three skis and relying on a rear mounted, bio-fuelled propeller for power. It also has a spiked "foot" fitted underneath for emergency stops and can operate in temperatures as low as minus 72C! 

As well as being efficient in the harshest of conditions, the CIV is also eco friendly. The E85 bio-ethanol fuel that it runs on can reduce emissions by about 70 per cent compared with ordinary petrol. 

As Regan explains: "One of the key aims of our expedition is to raise awareness of Antarctica's environmental importance and the challenges that the region faces. 

The CIV that Lotus has designed for us needed to be able to both cope with the region's extreme conditions and also to be environmentally friendly."

As part of the expedition the team will be conducting educational scientific experiments to highlight the extremeties of climate conditions in the Antarctic region .

The experiments and expedition details will also be made available to be used by teachers in outreach programmes.
Andrew Regan successfully lead the Ice Challenger Expedition in 2005, breaking the world record for the fastest journey from the Antarctic coast to the geographic South Pole. The six man Ice Challenger team completed the 1,200 km route in 69 hours, breaking the previous world record of 24 days (576 hours).

Andrew Regan is the CEO of international investment company Corvus Capital Inc.

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