Website Optimization Announces New CMS Performance Analysis Services

October 08, 2008 (PRLEAP.COM) Technology News
Content Management Systems (CMS) enable websites to publish and manage their content with consistency and scalability. A CMS flows content to users as static or dynamic web pages using a back-end database with front-end templates. Unfortunately, not all CMS-based websites work as they should. Website Optimization now offers a solution: gold standard CMS performance analysis and optimization services.

Common Problems with CMS-based Websites

Your investment in a CMS can be undermined by poor performance. As a website grows in complexity and loads increase, a Content Management System can cause performance problems of its own. Resulting slow response times frustrate users, increase bail-out rates, and ultimately decrease profits. Some of the common problems we find with CMS-based websites include - lack of effective caching, inefficient MySQL queries, poor template configuration, and outdated (slower) software.

The Cure: CMS Performance Analysis

Have Website Optimization's experts analyze your CMS-based web site for maximum speed. We'll show you where the performance bottlenecks are, and how to fix them. After our suggestions are implemented your CMS-based web pages will display faster, maximizing user satisfaction and minimizing bandwidth costs. We offer three levels of CMS performance service:
* Back-end CMS performance analysis;
* Hybrid front-end and back-end performance analysis;
* Hybrid analysis plus optimization.

Our expert CMS developers have been creating and optimizing CMS sites for years. For Linux-based systems the complete five-layer LAMP stack (Linux Apache MySQL PHP/Perl) is analyzed, and in the case of the Hybrid+ service, optimized as well. Joomla and Drupal are two popular open source CMS systems where we have expertise. We also work with other CMS systems, including custom systems and Windows-based systems.

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