RiverTowne Family Chiropractic Announces New Program That Redirects Insurance Money to Patients

October 09, 2008 (PRLEAP.COM) Health News
Dr. Edward Bickmeyer, President of RiverTowne Family Chiropractic, LLC, in St. Charles, Missouri held a luncheon on October 8 to discuss a new business model. The luncheon was attended by patients and local Chiropractors that are interested in how RiverTowne Family Chiropractic intends to redirect insurance money to their patients.

The meeting began and Dr. Bickmeyer introduced his practice and continued by stating, "In my practice, our goal is to get people to experience the many benefits of natural chiropractic care so they can enjoy a healthy and active lifestyle." "Many of our patients want to continue getting regular maintenance adjustment for a lifetime." "Unfortunately, over the past 15 years, health insurance companies have increasingly undermined our goal with low visit limits, high co payments, incorrect quotes of benefits, numerous information requests, payment delays, denials, and reversals. These cost-cutting tactics by insurance companies have actually changed the way most chiropractors practice-transforming them from health and wellness practitioners to symptom treating providers for temporary pain relief."

After framing the central reason to change, Dr. Bickmeyer continued with this statement, "Over the next few months RiverTowne Chiropractic will give insurance money back to patients. Instead of paying a co pay or paying for treatment weeks or months later after the insurance company renders a decision on a claim, patients will pay for their care upfront at the time of service or through a discounted prepayment plan. The clinic will continue to file insurance claims for patients, but any payments will be made to the patient instead of to the clinic. Insurance companies often pay better, and faster, when they are making payments to their members, rather than to the healthcare provider. It only makes sense-the patient is a customer, and customer satisfaction matters to insurance companies. Healthcare providers are not customers, only a drain on insurance company profits. Ultimately, RiverTowne Chiropractic will be able to provide even better service, when we are no longer trying to balance exceptional patient care with insurance company restrictions."

Afterwards, initial reactions ranged from skeptical to plausible. Dr. Meacham, wondered how such a change will affect a Chiropractic practice. Several patients were excited to receive better long term care and get payments directly from the insurance companies.

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