Ylon Schwartz, World Series of Poker Final Table Player uses Ebay to find sponsors for ESPN Broadcast

October 12, 2008 (PRLEAP.COM) Sports News
Toms River, NJ 10/12/08 Ylon Schwartz, PokerStars Professional Poker Player and one of the November Nine final table finishers at World Series of Poker Main Event in Las Vegas has chosen Recordweb Communications to promote his marketing efforts via Ebay for the Final Table ESPN Broadcast.

Ylon Schwartz of Brooklyn, NY is one of the November Nine, one of nine poker players left out of 6844 at the World Series of Poker main event to be aired on Nov 11th 2008 on ESPN. The actual tournament will start and finish on Nov 9th, 2008. ESPN will then edit the filming down to a prime time broadcast of two hours. This event is forecasted to be seen by over 90 million viewers. Ylon Schwartz, one of the "Million Dollar Men" is playing for a first prize finish, the Gold Bracelet and the $9 million dollar first prize.

Ylon Schwartz's management team has commissioned Recordweb Communications to use Ebay.com to find more potential sponsors for Ylons sleeves, chest, and hat that are available over and behind his current sponsors. In addition, Ylon also is allowed space for a card marker and chip marker. Much like a NASCAR race car team that has major and minor sponsors, Ylon Schwartz will be seen continually on the screen each time a round of cards is dealt at the main event table. Ylon can be clearly seen as will any patches or markers on or around him.

Ylon Schwartz is also a chess master and backgammon expert and has had many cashes in major poker tournaments. This time Ylon Schwartz has a very real chance of becoming the World Series of Pokers Main Event champion for 2008.

Says President of Recordweb Communications Scott Neuman; "We are pleased that Ylon Schwartz's management team has seen our past work and has commissioned us to present Ylon Schwartz to the world via Ebay. Ebay has many features that can be used to target specific audiences and Recordweb Communications has over 10 years of experience and expertise in sales and marketing to the Ebay customer base. Ebay is now used by many large publicly traded companies to sell materials and merchandise to the general public". Continues Mr. Neuman, "We were the first to promote and have success at marketing and finding sponsors for sports figures via Ebay. By simply typing in Ylons name in the search fields on Ebay, Ylons promotion shows up in the first page of results. We look forward to working with Ylon Schwartz and his championship run to the World Series of Poker for 2008".

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