Confused Business Owners Create Entire Unique Brand In Just Four Days With Brand Power: BrandU's Four-day Workshop for Small Businesses Proves Transformational

October 15, 2008 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
Los Angeles, CA (October 15, 2008) Well on their way to reaching their goal in creating one million successful conscious entrepreneurs, BrandU® Co-creators Kim Castle and Vito Montone proved last week that it can be done when business owners walked away from the Brand Power 4-day Live Intensive with their business brand completed and ready to market— in just four days.

"It's truly an honor to watch the transformation of these businesses take place right before our eyes in only four days," boasted brand expert Kim Castle. "Every attendee walked in here confused and stuck, and every one walked out with stellar clarity and their brand completely created."

With only twenty-five pre-qualified business owners in attendance, the BrandU® Brand Power workshop is geared toward the serious business owner ready to take that next big step toward building their brand internally first and then externally.

In order to facilitate a hands on, fully supported atmosphere, Castle and Montone maintain an intimate setting with limited attendees who have been interviewed and personally invited. Each attendee gets one-on-one instruction and support in achieving extreme clarity about the core of their business. Their brand statement, marketing statement, business name, tagline and logo direction are completed before they leave.

"This workshop is not for the squeamish," said Montone. "In order to attend, it is imperative that you are ready to take your business to the next level. Other programs rely on what gurus think about their businesses and can take several months to complete. With BrandU® the entrepreneur learns to own the power that they truly have and walk away in just four clarifying days on a completely different path."

Montone talks about a secret ingredient in all BrandU® programs that no other business-building programs have, and when applied correctly, he says works every time for optimal business success.

From his studies, he discovered a science that applies Universal Law to business creation by harnessing our human experience to fuel creative expression as business. The science is called Unified Conscious Development (UCD), the underlying Integral theory behind all BrandU's business development programs.

With success story after success story of thousands of satisfied business owners, the Montone says these processes can be applied to any business of any size whether products or services, on-line or bricks and mortar.

"I am stunned by the clarity and completeness of the process you have taken us through so that we can see the beauty of our own visions," said Brand Power attendee Jan Whitted. "After Brand Power, I have a finished product and real tools that I can use immediately to improve the impact of my business, and have a much deeper understanding of its core nature and how to communicate it to the world."

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