Debt Branch Solutions Offers Debt Settlement and Credit Counseling Opportunities To Mortgage & Real Estate Professionals

October 20, 2008 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
Debt Branch Solutions Offers the First Ever Flat Fee Turn-Key System for Professionals Interested in Starting a Debt Settlement / Credit Counseling Business.

There are several companies in the market attempting to pitch mortgage and real estate professionals regarding debt settlement net branch opportunities. What they don't tell you is that many of these companies have little to no experience in the industry. What makes Debt Branch Solutions different?

One word… Experience. The Debt Branch Solutions team of professionals has over 50 years of experience in the debt solutions and credit card industries. Recently, the DBS team has witnessed numerous people attempting to get into the debt solutions industry only to fail right out of the gate. These failures are the result of improper training, inadequate software solutions and high up-front costs.

With Debt Branch Solutions, you will learn the proper disclosures and will be trained on the different types of programs that are available to someone that cannot be helped with a mortgage program. Debt Settlement, Credit Counseling and Bankruptcy have positive and negative impacts on a client and without proper training it is difficult to evaluate a client's overall financial situation to determine which program best suits their needs.

And if you think you can't afford the Debt Branch Solutions program…. Think again. Not only has DBS created the best turn-key system anywhere to allow professionals to break into the debt solutions industry, DBS is the only company in the industry to charge a small setup fee and flat monthly fee of only $499. Every other company charges you a percentage of all of your sales. Others maintain minimum production requirements and charge you large set up fees ranging between $900 - $5,000. Some will also require exclusivity. We do not. Sign up 10 clients or 100 clients – you keep the profits generated. No minimums. No maximums. It's your money…. You earned it…. You keep it.

1. Over 50 years of combined experience to rely on
2. 100% payouts – It's your money… you earned it… you keep it.
3. Full training – No experience or license required
4. State of the Art CRM Selling Software
5. Unlimited earning potential

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