SaaS Makes Advanced IT Asset Management Software Affordable for Every Organization

October 20, 2008 (PRLEAP.COM) Technology News
SEATTLE, WA, October 20, 2008 — SAManage, a leading provider of on-demand (SaaS) IT Management services, today released a new white paper to help organizations compare the costs of SaaS-based IT Asset Management versus the traditional on-premise software model.

IT Asset Management (ITAM) is a combination of processes and technologies that provides organizations with a greater understanding of what IT assets exist, where these assets are located, and how they are being used. With these capabilities, ITAM enables organizations to more effectively manage IT assets throughout their lifecycle, simplify maintenance and administrative tasks, increase service levels to users, and ensure that every piece of hardware and software is fully utilized.

The white paper shows that by substantially reducing the total cost of ownership, ITAM solutions delivered on-demand can offer far greater value than on-premise applications. Furthermore, with a significantly lower upstart cost, the SaaS delivery model helps organizations accelerate time-to-value of the solution and reduce the short-term cash flow burden and the risk associated with the project.

Documenting and quantifying the total cost of ownership for the SaaS and on-premise software installation, the white paper shows that three-year costs for traditional software can be up to 60% higher for a company with 500 PCs and as much as 200% higher for a company with 100 PCs. Startup costs are even more significantly higher with on-premise installation, reaching as much as 3-6 times over the first year cost of the SaaS solution.

Using the white paper and framework to clearly spell out and quantify these cost differences, project leaders can present a persuasive business case for Software-as-a-Service IT Asset Management. Available at no charge as a service to IT departments, the white paper can be downloaded at

The white paper is provided courtesy of SAManage, a leading provider of on-demand (SaaS) IT Management services. In addition to the low-cost subscription offering of the SAManage premium solution, SAManage offers a free service that organizations can use to manage and monitor their IT assets.

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