Convert Website Visitors to Paying Customers With Sales Letter Blueprint Offered by Incredible Copy

October 23, 2008 (PRLEAP.COM) Technology News
Because of the slowing economy, many small business owners are looking for cost effective methods to increase their sales. One of the most cost effective methods is to increase website sales by using an effective sales letter. offers a free Sales Letter Blueprint that helps small business owners increase their sales.

According to Sabrina Christine, owner of, "Web sites are one of the most cost effective marketing tools in existence and effective sales letters can turn them into a profitable part of a small business' marketing toolkit. The free Sales Letter Blueprint we offer can help a business owner evaluate the effectiveness of their web copy and what changes to make to turn visitors into customers."

Christine, a freelance writer who is experienced in direct mail copy and sales letter copywriting established to specialize in creating high-powered effective website sales letters specifically to help small business owners increase their website conversions.

"I spoke with many business owners who invested thousands of dollars in really great looking websites but are not getting visitors showing interest in their services or products. Converting website visitors into buyers is critical for small businesses to maximize their investment in their website and to cost effectively grow their business," states Christine

According to Christine, the Blueprint her company offers shows how to customize these specialized letters for a target market by clearly focusing on the benefits of the product or service. She states this is what causes visitors to convert to buyers. In working with clients, it became clear that many business owners didn't understand this concept.

Christine continues by saying, "Competition is especially fierce now, and customers are even more discerning when selecting products and services. The consumer is bombarded with so much advertising that it is necessary for anyone marketing their business to clearly communicate their message clearly, directly and in a positive way."

Aware many small businesses have tight marketing budgets, Christine and her team created the Sales Letter Blueprint to explain how to use sales letters to improve website performance and as well as the key elements of an effective sales letter.

The free special report, "Sales Letter Blueprint" is at

Sales letters are an established and recognized online tool for conveying the essence of a product or service, and the corresponding benefits. Christine states that a sales letter is distinctive and expresses the benefits of the product or service, without hype, and helps distinguish them from similar products and services.

"In these challenging times, small business owners need to take advantage of as many tools and resources that can help them grow their business. I'm sure this report will give business owners a different perspective on using their website to grow their business."

For more information about their services, visit works with small business owners to convert website visitors into customers by providing online copywriting services that clearly explain the benefits of their client's products and services. Incredible Copy distinguishes itself by developing a clear profile of their client's target market in order to provide copywriting, sales letters, and other writing services that evoke a response from website visitors.