Weather Trends International Now Available on Bloomberg

October 28, 2008 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
New York, NY - Weather Trends International ("WTI"), the global leader in year-ahead business weather guidance in retail, manufacturing, agriculture, energy and the financial sectors is proud to announce that its weather intelligence is now available on the BLOOMBERG PROFESSIONAL® service, the global leader in financial data, news and analytics. For the first time ever, Bloomberg users have access to WTI's year-ahead business weather forecasts and analytical guidance for 4,000 cities in 129 countries to help better assess how equities, energy and agricultural commodities will perform months before Wall Street hears how weather has impacted missed sales in financial reports. WTI information is accessible via the function WXTR <GO> on the BLOOMBERG PROFESSIONAL® service.

During this tumultuous economic period, the consumer tends to buy very close to need and weather is the single biggest catalyst at driving need for almost everything we purchase, how much energy we use and how strong or weak crop yields will be. It's not a coincidence that when Fall is cold and wet, retailers, energy companies and seasonal goods manufacturers report stronger sales gains and stocks usually trend up as a result of good news. Conversely, beverage companies, agriculture and housing tend to show weaker results and stocks trend down. Without an accurate forward look at the year-ahead weather by day, week, month, year, it only leads to surprises on Wall Street to ignore the influences of weather on so many industries. The availability of WTI on the BLOOMBERG PROFESSIONAL® service will help eliminate those surprises and allow analysts to make better-informed decisions well in advance of the markets anywhere in the world.

"In the U.S. retail sector, weather trumps the economy in 9 out of 12 months based on statistical analyses of industry data over the past 24 years," said Weather Trends CEO Bill Kirk. "Without factoring in the influences of weather on so many industries, you're missing a big piece of the puzzle that directly impacts earnings and stock prices. Our highly accurate year-ahead business weather intelligence across the globe helps to eliminate the surprises allowing Bloomberg subscribers to be one step ahead of the market, and in this economy that's a big competitive advantage."

WTI's team of industry experts includes: Michael Ferrari, PhD, a climate expert and frequent speaker in the global commodities arena; Taylor Blaisdell, an experienced former Goldman Sachs Trader in the financial markets; Bruce Firth, an expert in retail weather influences and 17-year Wal-Mart executive and Bill Kirk and Rich Woolley who are named on four U.S. and U.K. patents have collectively analyzed the influence of weather on 100s of seasonal categories, stock prices, retail sales, economy and consumer behavior.

"Our wetware, technology and unique understanding of weather's influence on equities and commodities makes WTI on Bloomberg the only source to assist in preparing for the financial volatility associated with the weather," said Ferrari.

Bloomberg users receive the following WTI services as part of their inclusive BLOOMBERG PROFESSIONAL® service subscriptions, integrated with Bloomberg's data, news and analytic tools, at no additional charge:

1. US and UK Weekly Business Weather Reports and impacts on retailers and seasonal category manufacturers.
2. US, UK and G-20 Historical Business Weather Reports summarizing last month's influences on retailers and suppliers.
3. World Grains weather impact report.
4. World Sugar weather impact report.
5. US and EU Energy weather reports.
6. US HDD/CDD 30-Day forecasts for CME Cities.

For an additional subscription fee, Bloomberg users are able to access a suite of Year-ahead Premium Products including:

1. US and UK year-ahead business weather forecast reports with outlooks for the retail sector and seasonal category manufacturers.
2. Global Commodities Outlook - US Long Range (11 months) commodities business outlook report.
3. Global Year Ahead Forecast Toolbox - Access to for global year-ahead forecasts for 4,000 cities in 129 countries.
4. Monthly webinars reviewing the influence of weather on Equities, Energy, Ag and Financial Markets over the past month and the next quarter and year-ahead. October's video/audio playback available Consultation with WTI's team of experts included.

About Weather Trends International, Inc.
The global leader of actionable year-ahead business weather guidance for retailers, manufacturers, pharmaceutical companies, agricultural firms and financial analysts whose business performance is impacted by everyday volatility of the weather. Clients include some of the world's most respected and successful companies like Wal-Mart, ASDA, Target, Kohl's, Sherwin Williams, Anheuser-Busch, Johnson & Johnson, 3M, Levi's, Pizza Hut, JP Morgan, Fidelity and Citigroup. Its business centric weather solutions and understanding of how consumers and equities respond to the weather is used throughout organizations to help "manage the weather risk". Utilizing technology first developed in the early 1990s, Weather Trends International's unique statistical math based trade secret formula forecasting methodology projects temperature, precipitation and snowfall trends by day and week a year-ahead for 4,000 cities in 129 countries with an industry leading 80%+ accuracy. Offices in New York, NY; Bethlehem, PA and Bentonville, AR.