announces launch of new website

November 04, 2008 (PRLEAP.COM) Lifestyle News has announced the launch of a unique online shopping portal exclusively for independent designer makers/artisans. The site acts as a venue bringing together professional artisans who wish to sell their work with consumers who are looking to buy unique, quality items either for themselves or as gifts.

Each designer is carefully hand-picked to ensure the site maintains its values. Once approved, the artisans use on-line forms to simply load details of the products including images onto the site. The unique pages for the artisans allow them to retain their own identity and stay in control of their sales and pricing, delivery and their own home page.

Set up by Fiona Marshall in October 2008 for consumers disgruntled and bored by the soulless, cheap, throwaway products often made and shipped from half way across the world.

It seemed nonsensical to the founder to be importing so many factory produced, uniform products when there was so much talent and variety in the UK, often going unnoticed and unrewarded. are on a mission to change the make-up of the economy by encouraging consumers to buy from individuals and small businesses in the UK/Europe that make and design their own work. As opposed to huge companies where a small minority get very wealthy and profits often leave the country. Both artisans and consumers can be assured when using the site that no products are 'bought in' or will have been 'Made in China' or elsewhere in Asia. All goods that will appear on the site will be made by skilled craftspeople with a passion for what they do. At no one makes a huge profit at the expense of anyone else. are also on a mission to save creativity and traditional skills before they are lost for good and give artisans back the respect and popularity they deserve. consider there to be far less pollution and waste with hand made locally produced goods. No child labour will have been used and artisans use natural materials where appropriate and follow eco-friendly practices.

The founder concluded that consumers were not buying artisanal products due, in the main, to the difficulty of finding their work. Either artisans couldn't afford high street rents, found it difficult getting noticed on a busy internet system, or were only to be found in galleries where some customers are reluctant to shop. The website hopes to solve these problems in one go by bringing talented artisans together under one roof making them more accessible to the consumer and making it more cost effective and less time consuming and distracting for the artisans to promote their work. intend to extend the site to cover Europe, the UK's nearest marketplace and to this end the site is also in French and takes either sterling or euros.

The's collection covers jewellery, ceramics, fashion, accessories, stationery, health and beauty, pets and textiles

Fiona Marshall founder of commented:

"We have created a unique shopping site for consumers looking for more creative, hand made, quality local products and at the same time creating a platform where talented artisans can show case their wonderful products."

Fiona Marshall