Sinai Dental Web site Marketing Firm Gets Orthodontist To Page One In One Month

November 08, 2008 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
November 8, 2008 - BOULDER, COLORADO - Sinai Marketing, a dental Internet marketing firm, has succeeded in getting the Web site of Minneapolis orthodontist Dr. Jennifer Eisenhuth on top of the first page of the major search engines in one month.

This has resulted in an increase in the site's targeted traffic and more phone calls to the practice.

Eisenhuth is the second client in two months to achieve similar results so quickly, said Ali Husayni, a search engine positioning expert who founded Sinai Marketing.

Achieving these results for a Minneapolis orthodontist is challenging because there are many orthodontists in the area, Eisenhuth said.

Eisenhuth said she initially didn't know what to expect. The company her office had worked with prior to switching to Sinai said it would get Eisenhuth's Web site onto the first page, "but if they ever did, it was toward the bottom."

When she saw good results within a month of making the switch, "we were really pleased with the direction we were headed out of the gate," Eisenhuth said. "Sinai was able to make a difference in a short period."

One reason Eisenhuth selected Sinai Marketing to provide search engine optimization services was because of the company's guarantee. Sinai refunds 100 percent of the total charges if it is unable to reach its set goals within the given time-frame.

"Sinai is the only company I've come across that has a guarantee," she said. "No others out there that I'm aware of are confident enough in their ability to guarantee the work."

Sinai's work isn't finished, Husayni said. Our next goal is to get Eisenhuth's site into the top position on Google search results for "Minneapolis orthodontist," and to continue efforts to improve the site's performance on search results related to other keywords on Google, Yahoo! and MSN. While those efforts take longer, they are quite achievable, he said.

"The reason we focus on Google," Husayni said, "is that Google attracts more than 60 percent of the total search inquiries conducted in the U.S. Yahoo! follows by less than 30 percent."

Also, Google is the most difficult engine to get good positions on.

"If we place a client's site on top of Google, this means they normally rank very well with Yahoo! and MSN," Husayni added.

Eisenhuth ranks on top of the first page of these engines for "Minneapolis orthodontist" as well as many other keywords such as Minneapolis braces, Minneapolis Invisalign or St. Paul orthodontist.

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