Property Mentor makes a stand against the negative press by proving to investors that good investment courses still exist

November 11, 2008 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
Following recent reviews on the quality of property investment courses. Property Mentor has launched a new campaign to prove to investors that there are still good investment companies out there who can offer them real investment results.

And they have definitely made a start.

In a bid to reintroduce confidence in investors who are looking to learn more, Property Mentor are openly inviting delegates to give their views on their course directly onto their website. Not as a written statement though, but as video testimonial.

As Matthew Lauchlan, Director of Property Mentor explains: 'With the financial climate as it stands, many potential investors are feeling hesitant about entering onto the property market. They have done the research, have looked at the results of these courses, and have stopped in their tracks.'

Continuing on this point: 'At Property Mentor we want to restore this loss of faith in investors and prove to them that there are still courses out there that can match the government's standards for training. Beginning with ourselves.'

From transforming their 2 day course - just a few short months ago into a nationally recognised Level 3 NVQ qualification, Property Mentor's commitment to this cause cannot go unfounded.

Already Property Mentor has uploaded some of their delegate's testimonials onto their site, and they have no plan to stop.

'By allowing investors to see how our course works at all its various stages, and by offering them a visual testimonial, not a paragraph of words. We hope investors will be able to see that there is still potential within the property investment market. That there are real, genuine property investment courses that can work for them too.' Stated Matthew Lauchlan, Director of Property Mentor.

To further enhance this point and prove to the world that their status as an educational body is real, Property Mentor has made their 2 hour learning forum completely and utterly free. With no obligation or expectation from investors, for them to continue onto the next stage of the course.

As Matthew Lauchlan went on to explain: 'In a time of such uncertainty, our course will enable developers to put a face to the investors who ARE experiencing success in the market, plus give them an insight into how they too can achieve this same success.'

During these 2 hours, investors will be given access to FREE expert advice from a team of trainers who have been in the property business for over 20 years. No strings. No catches. Just the exclusive opportunity to exchange ideas and tips with a group of like-minded people

Some of the topics that will be covered are:
How to structure your properties for long term success;
How to earn a guaranteed £500-£1,000 per property in just as little as 30 days;
How to invest in the right properties.

For more information on Property Mentor's forthcoming property investment workshops, visit