Pinnacle Fitness in Atlanta Develops Wellness Therapy Program To Help Adults Cope With Stress During Financial Crisis

November 11, 2008 (PRLEAP.COM) Health News
Atlanta, GA November 11, 2008 Pinnacle Fitness ( today announced it has devised a series of wellness therapy techniques that improve adults ability to cope with stress caused by financial loss. The techniques, presented in a wellness therapy program, have been proven successful in providing improved motivation, encouragement and self-esteem during personal turmoil. In addition, the wellness therapy program improves overall physical fitness and helps fight illness and disease.

With the global economy in a tailspin, many Americans are finding the loss in value to their portfolios in this financial crisis is only part of the toll it's taking on families. Along with economic loss and uncertainty, comes increased stress. Any time a family is faced with significant change and uncertainty, stress levels increase, often causing a breakdown in the family unit.

As the global financial crisis unfolds, more and more Americans are turning to experts for help in dealing with increased stress. Leading indicators of increasing stress are the suicide prevention and help lines available throughout the country. According to Shaili Jain, a psychiatrist with Aurora Behavioral Health Services in Milwaukee, calls to depression and suicide hot lines and requests for assistance in dealing with financial hardship to behavioral health and wellness services have seen a dramatic increase this year.

While private sessions with psychologists, psychiatrists or hypnotherapists can be quite effective, a viable and cost effective alternative can be wellness therapy such as the program Pinnacle Fitness offers. Dr. Michael LeVine, an Atlanta gastroenterologist and former Navy officer, personally follows the Pinnacle Fitness programs and says "that his patients are more grounded and get stress relief from such an approach." He adds, "I advise patients to develop a program that works according to their needs and lifestyles."

Jamie Bodner of Pinnacle Fitness developed the Pinnacle Wellness Therapy program with four pillars to relive stress: message therapy, stretch therapy, sunlight infrared sauna therapy and life and fitness techniques. Bodner says, "from helping the muscles release lactic acid to increasing blood circulation to supply more oxygen and nutrients to cells, our clients leave feeling motivated and encouraged which better equips them to handle any personal financial turmoil in their life."

About Pinnacle Fitness, Inc.
Pinnacle Fitness ( is a Premier Personal Training studio in the Buckhead area of Atlanta, Georgia. With professional trainers and a staff dedicated guiding individuals through a personal fitness and wellness program, Pinnacle Fitness is a personal training fitness boutique with revolutionary equipment including the Kinesis Wall, as well as nutritional guidance by a licensed dietician available by appointment..

About Jamie Bodner
With a professional career that spans nearly 20 years in the multi-disciplined approach to adult fitness and personal training, Jamie Bodner's experience includes executive management and head training positions at Bally's, the Adult Fitness Studio and the Dade County Group Fitness, which signaled an employer-employee approach to improving worker health. Jamie Bodner's multi-certifications and affiliations include International Sports Science, Regular Personal Training, Exercise For Adults, Specialized Athletics and Sports Performance Nutrition. Jamie is also a Fitness Pro of NY Strength, who achieve optimal fitness through the science of the body for professional, Olympic, and weekend warriors Athletes.

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