MyClaim Hope to see Improved Safety on Britain's Roads with New Road Toll Device Technology

November 12, 2008 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
Transport Minister, Mr Paul Clark announced earlier this month that the government funded road pricing trials, are to go ahead. The purpose of this scheme is to ease traffic congestion. MyClaim welcomes this trail as it hope to see a fall in personal injuries related to road accidents.

The trials will rely on volunteers to fit satellite-tracking devices to their vehicles and an on-board unit which will automatically deduct payments from an account set up in the driver's name. If successful this technology could then be used to collect all road charges, such as congestion charges and tolls for crossing bridges. The trails are set to cost the government £4 million this financial year alone.

Raised issues of privacy have now been resolved as drivers will have the option available to them of preventing the unit from transmitting locations to the billing centre, and will quite simply just read the number of miles driven.

Four companies have been appointed by the Department for Transport to test the charging systems and a further three companies have been appointed to test methods of enforcing a pricing scheme and ensuring its accuracy. If the trial is successful it could lead to drivers having to pay up to £1.30 per mile in the most congested areas.

MyClaim can only support measures that will effectively reduce congestion on Britain's roads, when 70 to 75% of all personal injury claims are as a consequence of road traffic accidents. Sadly this is not surprising when the Department for Transport reports that there were 247,000 casualties resulting from road accidents on British roads in 2007, 27,774 of which were serious injuries and 2,946 were fatalities.

Clearly, the problem of increasing congestion on our roads is making them ever more dangerous. Whilst no driver would like to have to pay congestion charges it is accepted by most that something needs to be done to significantly reduce congestion on our roads. It is hoped that drivers will be encouraged to use other forms of transport as an alternative to their car.

Unfortunately, most drivers will be involved in an accident on the road at some point, and although in the majority of cases the injuries will not be serious, it is common for accidents to result in a personal injury, particularly whiplash.

If you are unfortunate enough to be involved in a road traffic accident and have suffered injuries make sure to contact a professional solicitor firm for help. Ensure that your claim will be handled by a specialist team of solicitors. Furthermore, look for representation that can offer you No Win No Fee solicitors that guarantees you will receive 100% of your compensation.