New DVD from Sport Science Lab Increases Athleticism

November 19, 2008 (PRLEAP.COM) Sports News
(San Juan Capistrano, CA) Sport Science Lab just unveiled a new DVD, The Ballistic Ball Workout with Foundational Footwork, that has been proven to increase athleticism and more.

Gavin MacMillan, Founder of Sport Science Lab, and former professional athlete, explains "This is the only sports training program that trains your Nervous System. One might be tempted to ask why? The answer is, because the nervous system controls everything-limb speed, power, agility, grace, body integration, timing, rhythm, balance and coordination. These are the elements that define athleticism. Muscles simply contract and relax….when your nervous system tell them to."

"This is also the only sports training DVD that I'm aware of, that trains your feet. Energy starts at, and is transferred through, your feet. There are also a significant number of proprioceptors in the feet and since proprioception is so vital to athleticism, the unconventional exercises on the Ballistic Ball/Foundational Workout focus on, and strengthen the toes, foot muslces and ankles, which in combination truly do increase athleticism" summarized Mr. MacMillan.

There are a number of elite athletes who use this program, including Troy Polamalu of the Pittsburgh Steelers, Tyson Chandler of the New Orleans Hornets ( shows him doing the exercises on the home page), Steve Finley and most recently Aly Wagner from the gold medal winning US Olympic soccer team.

This radical program, comprised of 16-ballistic exercises on a gym ball & 16 infinitely challenging footwork/balance routines, has demonstrated that it builds balance, body integration & speed-strength; increases speed, quickness, agility, flexibility & rotational power; and improves coordination, rhythm, timing, stability and athleticism, through simultaneous strengthening & stretching, stimulation of the nervous system and the engaging of one's proprioceptors.

The DVD with all necessary equipment is only available on line at