Multi-Link Communications Launches Retooled Website

November 18, 2008 (PRLEAP.COM) Technology News
Torrance, CA November 18th will mark the launch of a brand new website for MULTI-LINK Communication Products, the leading alternative provider for new and refurbished Cisco products, and already MLCP is seeing the difference a re-tooled website can make. In a focus group study of the beta, sales of several Cisco hardware products, including used Cisco routers and used Cisco switches, nearly doubled when participants, who were given the name of a product to search for online, rated MLCP's site number one in several categories.

"Most of our customers find us online," says Eric Tanaka, Director of Communications for MLCP. "It's imperative that we, as a company, do what we can to help people find exactly what they're looking for as quickly as possible." And the new site seems to do exactly that. During the beta test, focus group members were given the model numbers of various used Cisco Equipment products and asked to search one of four websites to find what they needed.

"One of the products I was supposed to search for a used Cisco router was actually much easier to find than I figured it would be," expressed one participant. "I don't even know anything about routers, and used Cisco switches, but the website was good-especially the new Main Specials page. And the product pages listed all of the product families for example, used Cisco Switches have multiple switches within a specific family and from that page, I could follow a link to any item's special detail page. I didn't have to search through tons of pages to find what I needed and when it comes to stuff that seems tedious to find, like used Cisco equipment, it was like boom, there it is right in front of you."

The new main specials page is only one of the several features MLCP has added to what will be the company's fourth website restructure. "Before embarking on this, we actually talked to our customers who are in the market for buying new and used Cisco equipment. We asked them what would make our site easier to use and we took their feedback seriously," explains Tanaka. Other features of the new site include "bundled" specials that are listed at the top of the main specials page, the ability to add a product like a used Cisco Switch to a quote cart directly from the individual product page, and now each special lists the discount percentage off the list price on both the main specials page and the individual specials pages.

For a company like MULTI-LINK, that specializes in used Cisco equipment and Cisco hardware, new customers are often gained during the customer's networking crisis. "We have regular customers who have been purchasing Cisco equipment from us for years," says Tanaka. "But often, the people who are calling us have just had some sort of meltdown in their network. Their business has come to a crashing halt and they desperately need something a used Cisco router for example that Cisco no longer sells. They don't have the time or luxury to fool around browsing a website for the used Cisco router they need. They need it, and they need it fast. That's why our website is so important."

MULTI-LINK carries an extensive inventory of used Cisco equipment, new Cisco hardware, and if what their customers need isn't in stock, they're committed to finding it for them. They often ship faster than the factory using a network of trustworthy domestic and international distribution partners so that their customers get the Cisco equipment they need as quickly as possible. In addition, MULTI-LINK offers a standard One Year Warranty on everything it sells, including refurbished and used Cisco equipment.

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