Mailbox Nationwide Bucks Economic Trends

November 24, 2008 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
Following a recent study into the economic impact of the Direct Mail sector on the UK's economy, it has been discovered that leaflet distribution companies like Mailbox Nationwide LTD have been making a huge contribution to our fiscal position despite the economic downturn that is being experienced nationally.

Direct marketing and mail campaigns form the largest components of most marketing budgets, taking a 10% share of all funds allotted to this most important business function, the survey showed. In fact, in excess of 50% of companies surveyed with a turnover greater that £1 million spend an average of £35,000 annually on their direct marketing campaigns.

As a result of this expenditure, direct marketing and leaflet distribution companies are able to invest heavily in recruitment and staffing, meaning that employment generated solely from this sector represents 0.7% of all total UK employment. This figure was calculated using both direct and indirect employment figures, and also through the induced employment figures that depict employment generated by responses to direct marketing campaigns.

Further to this, a massive £17 billion is generated in sales yearly as a result of direct marketing campaigns. Caroline Pocock, CEO of Mailbox Nationwide said that she was 'delighted with the results of the survey, as it goes to show that even with all the press speculation and doom and gloom of today's society, there are still sectors of the economy that are looking bright. The surveys findings suggest that leaflet distribution does work, and I would encourage companies who are struggling a little in the current climate to invest in this method of marketing in order to snatch back a small proportion of their market share.'

Given the numerous press discussions about the ailing economy and housing market collapse, it is refreshing to hear some good news for a change!