SpeechNutrients initiates program to provide complimentary speak™ omega-3 for children facing speech challenges

November 24, 2008 (PRLEAP.COM) Health News
Lake Forest, IL November 24, 2008 NourishLife announced today that their SpeechNutrients division is offering qualified families a complimentary box of PharmaOmega speakô, their patented nutritional formula developed by a pediatrician to support normal and healthy speech and coordination. The nutrients in speakô have been shown to provide neurological support, essential nutrition and increase antioxidant function. In addition, these nutrients may improve verbal and motor skills as well as coordination and balance.

Nine years in the making, PharmaOmega speakô is the result of real life experiences from parents and their children who took action based on ground-breaking research regarding the role of essential fatty acids and child development. After the exact formula was specified, the omega-3 experts at NourishLife partnered with the world's leading producers to find the purest forms of ingredients in their appropriate biochemical form for optimal absorption and utilization. The unique speakô product provides seven nutrients in the precise dose and ratio shown to be the most effective in 2 pre-measured, pleasant tasting, hypo-allergenic capsules.

Eight weeks ago, SpeechNutrients began a Virtual Focus Group with 80 families whose children faced speech and motor challenges. Those who joined would use speakô for a 3-month time period. In exchange, the families were asked to record and share their experiences and observations. This new program announced today provides one box of speakô at no charge (we ask for a modest shipping charge) to interested families due to the success of the first focus group.

According to Mark Nottoli, founder of NourishLife: "We have had many reports from families indicating that their children are doing extremely well on speakô. We have families describing improvements in their speech, motor skills and more. It is heart-warming and encouraging to hear these stories. Therefore, I am offering one complimentary box of speakô to families whose children face speech challenges, provided they answer a few qualifying questions."

Nottoli continued: "As with any product, it's not right for everyone, and some children do better than others. Families are welcome to try speakô and see if how works for their child. NourishLife produced speakô with the intention to helping families with children with speech and coordination challenges. More research we will provide more answers."

Families may obtain their complimentary box of speak by going to www.SpeechNutrients.com.

About NourishLife
NourishLife www.NourishLifePPP.com intends to contribute to a major improvement in health and wellness by addressing nutritional deficiencies. Founded by nutrition industry veterans, the firm employs expert scientists and nutritionists passionate about health. The PharmaOmega division of NourishLife www.PharmaOmega.com is the premier source of omega-3 information, research and news.

The firm was awarded an exclusive license to a patented nutritional formulation designed to support normal speech development. NourishLife formed a partnership with Croda, the maker's of Lorenzo's Oil, for the pharmaceutical grade omega 3 used in their "speak" product. More information can be found at www.SpeechNutrients.com
NourishLife is a privately held business located outside of Chicago.