Mastermind Software Announces New Product to Help Sluggish Sales During Tough Economy

November 25, 2008 (PRLEAP.COM) Technology News
Many companies realize that during down economic times a little extra must be done in order to stay competitive in the game of sales. Mastermind Software has recently launched a product that will help any growing business with sluggish sales numbers.

Mastermind's new Activator software works in helping sales forces achieve higher sales numbers through organization. Mastermind has been helping businesses all over the globe for over twenty years with maximizing sales and profits. Activator can plug directly into contact databases such as Act, Outlook and Masterminds new Activator software acts as a personal sales assistant aiding and in managing all follow up techniques and tactics into one package. Activator will help prepare letters, faxes and even emails so that companies and sales departments could easily stay in touch and in contact with their database of clients and prospects. As daily life at the work place gets more and more hectic Activator can help stay on track with all sales tasks. Often times sales go missed due to lack of follow up and organization and in today's economy that is something that just can't happen. Activator also allows companies to completely customize many aspects of the software to work exactly with their necessities. Activator will help a company manage their day to day sales routine acting as a personal base camp for their client management practices. Activator has hundreds of stored templates so that a sales department does not have to sit there try to write an email or fax every time they choose to communicate. This time could now be better used doing much productive revenue producing activities by assisting in sales force automation.

Mastermind Software has applied years of experience and research into Activator. The launch of this product comes just at the right time with what is occurring in our economy. Companies large and small have a need to increase sales. Streamlining a sales force daily routine will aid many companies in improving productivity. Having employees spin their wheels on a daily basis engaging in activities that are not revenue generating doesn't help anyone and Activator steps in to help fill those gaps of un-productivity. Streamlining sales departments and sales people is something that all companies strive for. Over the years there have been many tools created to allow for this streamlining process and some have prospered and many have failed. Activator has positioned itself as a market leader that is here to stay and make an impact on the sales industry. Mastermind Software is so confident with their product that they offer a 100% money back guarantee if you do not double your investment in new sales over the following 12 months after purchase.

For more information on how Mastermind's Software, Activator, can help your business please visit or simply call 800-818-9788.