Boost your Typing Performance with PhraseExpress

December 02, 2008 (PRLEAP.COM) Technology News
Trier, Germany December 2, 2008 - Bartels Media GmbH today announces the launch of PhraseExpress v6, a new version of the Speed Typing Software Solution for Windows computers.

With PhraseExpress, the Autotext functionality that is so popular in MS Office is now available in all Windows programs, including Internet Browsers and Messenger Programs.

Autotexts are text shortcuts like "FYI" which are automatically expanded into longer phrases such as "For your information".

This function significantly speeds up answering frequently asked questions in emails, forums, documents, and instant messenger programs.

Sometimes however, you do not wish to have these abbreviations auto-expanded. Instead, you want to keep the shortcut. PhraseExpress v6 is the first Autotext Utility which now automatically recognizes such unwanted text replacement and suppresses them automatically the next time you enter it.
Additional new features in version 6 at a glance:

Support for text formatted phrases including bitmaps (RTF and HTML which is great for rich email signatures).
PhraseExpress now runs directly from USB memory devices without the need of any program installation.
Autotexts can be restricted to certain programs.
SmartSearch allows searching for any highlighted text from any program in Wikipedia, Google Maps, Ebay, Youtube, etc.

The additional PhraseExpress text prediction feature will revolutionize the way text is entered on Personal Computers, in much the same way that T9 changed how text is entered into mobile phones.

Other text-completion programs use a static dictionary which needs to be created before you start getting any benefit from the program.

PhraseExpress, however, analyzes and learns each user's writing patterns, and suggests the most relevant ways to complete phrases and sentences automatically and only if it fits the context.

The program monitors the user's keyboard input, and recognizes repetitive phrases. It then offers to auto-complete sentences, with only a single key press. PhraseExpress rapidly evolves to suit the individual profile of every individual user, offering far better text prediction accuracy than ordinary text-completion products which use a one-size-fits-all static dictionary, and which only attempt to complete single words. PhraseExpress learns in real-time, analyzing the context and processing it with smart statistical algorithms to provide relevant suggestions.

To speed up PhraseExpress' learning process, the program can scan Outlook Emails to instantly adapt to the user's writing style. In just a few minutes, PhraseExpress knows how you write, better than you do.

PhraseExpress also offers a Clipboard Cache that provides quick access to the Windows clipboard history; Unicode support for compatibility with all international character sets; and new macro functions to automate repetitive tasks.

PhraseExpress is available for personal use, without charge. The version for commercial use cost US$ 49.95. Upgrades from previous versions are available at up to 50% discount.

PhraseExpress can be downloaded from