Jetmobile announces the SecureJet Box pull printing solution

December 05, 2008 (PRLEAP.COM) Technology News
PARIS, December 5th, 2008 — Jetmobile, developer of the SecureJet secure printing solution and fast growing independent provider of information processing solutions, today announced the release of the SecureJet Box, a miniature print server providing pull printing capability to any USB or LAN printer.

The SecureJet system allows print cost saving and corporate security compliance (HIPAA, SOX, MIFID…) by storing print jobs on print servers until their owner authenticates on a printer, MFP or copier to reclaim them. SecureJet was previously only supporting the enterprise-class hp LaserJet printers and MFPs. With the addition of the SecureJet Box appliance, the SecureJet benefits can apply to any printer with USB or network connection, from any brand.

"This latest addition to the SecureJet architecture allows clients with a mixed fleet to benefit from the strong technological advance of SecureJet in secure printing" said Jean-Francois d'Estalenx, President of Jetmobile. "This addresses the request from client to consider their legacy fleet, as an asset to support or within a migration path to hp devices."

Key Features & Benefits:
- Allows end-users to print without print job instant release, documents are retained on print servers;
- Allows users to authenticate on the SecureJet Box attached to the printer to release all their pending jobs;
- No more printed documents remaining unattended on printers output trays;
- Documents that are not needed anymore can be removed from the pending jobs list using a web browser;
- Supports PIN code, proximity badge and swipe badge SecureJet Authentication modules;
- Interoperates with SecureJet Print-PS and SecureJet Print-SMP products for hp printers and MFPs.

About Jetmobile:
Jetmobile products are used since 1994 in over 94 countries on 4 continents. Jetmobile customers are corporate companies in the manufacturing, shipping, utilities, financial services, banking and public sectors. Its products include SecureJet, BarSIMM, BarDIMM Pro and MicrDIMM Pro. For more information on Jetmobile please visit:

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