Natural Body in Balance Announces Estrogen Dominance is the Most Common Condition Present in Women with Hormonal Imbalance

December 09, 2008 (PRLEAP.COM) Health News
December 9, 2008 Natural Body in Balance is now offering saliva testing to determine hormone levels and whether a woman experiences estrogen dominance. The condition is caused from an inadequate production of progesterone, estrogen's primary partner and synergist.

Some symptoms of Estrogen Dominance include heavy bleeding, clotting, cramping, water retention, bloating, breast tenderness, lumpiness, cystic breasts, enlarged breasts, fibrocystic breasts, weight gain, headaches, migraines, emotional hypersensitivity, depression, irritability, and anxiety. Davis state, "the condition is all too common and caused by a number of agitators including stress, use of oral or injected contraceptives, Conventional HRT, weak adrenal glands, non-organic meat and dairy, poor diet, and obesity, among others".

Unfortunately Estrogen Dominance may cause other problems, making it crucial that hormones are tested to detect if hormone imbalance exists and where it may lie. Dr. Davis uses saliva tests as the preferred testing method to determine all hormone levels and their relationship to one another. Through these tests, Natural Body in Balance is able to recommend specific lifestyle changes as well as whole food supplements, herbs, and/or bioidentical hormones. According to Davis, these changes "give the body what it needs to rebalance itself, heal itself, and once again function as we were designed." Davis credits Dr. Jane Lang, D.C. for restoring many people's lives through her teaching and dedication to years of research in the uncharted field of Restorative Endocrinology (TM).

About Natural Body in Balance:

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