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MAUI, HI September 23, 2004 The $100,000 Scholarship: Middle School Prep, by author Wayne Y. Fujita, unveils a scholarship breakthrough. The breakthrough is a parent-student incentive plan called the College Prep Contract. The incentive plan, similar to a corporate executive bonus agreement, provides a matrix of small rewards when meeting select achievements that lead to scholarships. It starts with finding your child's gifts, then builds those gifts into passions, then focuses efforts to win scholarships.

The incentive system of developing and encouraging student passions is organized into a comprehensive scholarship winning strategy. The concept provides small and easy incentives that grow as achievements grow. The incentive plan formalizes a pattern of structured monthly parental encouragement. Fujita says, "Kids actually will look forward to the monthly pat on the back. It's not the money, it's the praise. With self-driven passions, your child will want to study, serve communities and be a leader. Imagine, no more nagging, just more praising. The kids love it.'

The $100,000 Scholarship details the scholarship competition and how to win. Fujita explains, "The time to start is in middle school. Adolescence in transition is the ideal time to encourage passions. In middle school, kids are physically and mentally changing. Independence is rising. Kids want to find their life direction. It's in middle school that peer pressure and cliques make or break the road to scholarships. Planting passions and motivation in middle school provides a decisive edge in the high school scholarship competition.'

The $100,000 Scholarship details what scholarship evaluators want, what you can prepare now and several key decisions during middle school you won't want to miss.

Fujita, a CPA and finance officer under three Maui Mayors, designs business systems including incentive compensation plans. He also evaluates scholarships.

Fujita says encouragement works. His daughter Lisa was last year's Miss Outstanding Teenager of Hawaii. His son John was selected "Chemistry Student of the Year' by Pacific University plus recognized as the Outstanding Chemistry Student by the University of Hawaii. Lisa and John both have sizable scholarships and tuition waivers.

Literary Agent Roger Jellinek of Jellinek & Murray said, "The $100,000 Scholarship is a very useful, smart, and well executed concept, and I'm sure I will regret not having mastered its principles years ago.' Altamira Press' Jason Clymer said, "ideas and presentation are professional and sound.' Jeanette Kinaka, past Moderator Hawaii Conference, United Church of Christ said, "The $100,000 Scholarship is inspirational!"

The average private college costs $27,677 a year. Over four years it's more than $100,000. College is one of the biggest commitments many families make together. The commitment of money and time is as important as buying a house. Fujita says, "Some parents get sticker shock, just give up and hope for a miracle. Don't give up! Ignite the kids' self-motivation engines and watch them win scholarships!'

Editor's note: "The $100,000 Scholarship: Middle School Prep' written by Wayne Fujita provides more information about finding your adolescent's gift. Information about the book is available online at

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