Government report shows that alcohol deaths near 1 million but disease itself is ignored reveals Linwood Group.

December 17, 2008 (PRLEAP.COM) Health News
A Government report released recently reveals more than 800k people are admitted to hospital each year with alcohol-related illnesses and injuries. Leading alcohol treatment group, the Linwood Group, are not surprised by the figure given that one in 13 adults in the UK can be classified as alcoholic. Despite mounting evidence, the Government still ignores the extent of the problem through providing treatment for the disease itself.

Sue Allchurch, Director of the Linwood Group, explains:

"Alcoholism is recognised as a disease in its own right which can be successfully treated. Yet there are less than 1000 hospital beds in the UK - both NHS and private - set aside to treat this disease. If there was a flu endemic on this scale a state of emergency would be called. Alcohol is responsible for more deaths than drugs. The Government needs to invest heavily in treating the root cause of this problem before it spirals out of control".

The new report recognises the increase in the number of hospital admissions through alcohol-fuelled violence but also higher numbers of deaths from drink related illnesses such as liver and heart disease.

However, the report does not take into account road traffic accidents - some 50% of fatal incidents involve drunk driving. Likewise 50% of prisoners are behind bars having committed offences whilst under the influence of alcohol or drugs. By tackling alcoholism head on through treatment, the Linwood Group believes that much of the UK's current anti-social behaviour and welfare issues could be eradicated.