LegalView Reports FDA Delay of Drug That Might Prevent OxyContin Drug Abuse

December 26, 2008 (PRLEAP.COM) Health News
Denver, CO — LegalView recently reported on the potential release of a new drug Remoxy, which would likely prevent abuse of similar drugs such as OxyContin. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) requested additional information on Remoxy, from Pain Therapeutics, which led to increased delays of the drug to the market. The drug is expected to replace similar prescription pain medications such as OxyContin, which have caused heavy-dependence and addictions among a certain population of patients. OxyContin abuse has become an increasing problem with abusers getting "high" off the drug, however, developers of Remoxy tablets claim the drug could replace OxyContin and provide drug-abuse resistance among addicted consumers, according to Dec. 11 news reports from the Associated Press (AP).

OxyContin, from Purdue Pharmaceuticals, was approved by the FDA in 1995. Individuals who have been severely affected by the dangers of OxyContin can locate OxyContin lawsuit information by consulting with an OxyContin attorney. Developing a potential OxyContin lawsuit may offer monetary relief to a victim of the drug's side effects who may have required hospitalizations following the drug's use.

LegalView also offers an array of other legal topics ranging from mesothelioma to Singulair and Chantix. These LegalView practice areas are available for individuals who are in need of detailed legal information and assistance. Each practice area offers information on a legal topic as well as updated news articles, jury verdicts and resources for obtaining legal advice.

For example, mesothelioma is a type of cancer that is caused by the inhalation of asbestos fibers and dust. For more information on this cancer, visit the mesothelioma information portal at

Both Singulair and Chantix are similar in that they have continually made controversial headlines for similar yet unintended side effects that include depression, behavioral disorders, mood disorders, suicidal thoughts and tendencies, as well as suicidal actions. Singulair is an allergy and asthma medication that is prescribed to both adults and children. In March, patients of Singulair began reporting the drug's dangerous side effects, which prompted an immediate FDA investigation, however, the drug remains on the market and is still available to adults and children as young as 12 months old.

Similar to this are the side effects associated with Chantix, which was released to the market in May 2006 and has since been prescribed to millions of Americans attempting to quit smoking. In November 2007, Chantix patients began reporting side effects that included suicidal behavior. Approximately 40 individuals were alleged to have commit suicide while consuming the drug. Individuals who have been affected by either of these drugs are encouraged to contact a pharmaceutical attorney about the development of a Chantix class action lawsuit or a Singulair lawsuit.

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