Giggleberries Online Retailer Walks Its Way Out of the Credit Crunch

December 30, 2008 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
If you are a small business who is struggling with the current economic climate or are apprehensive about what it might mean for your business, then you wouldn't go far wrong than to take a leaf out of the book from business owner and online retailer Jane Keightley to help your business survive 2009.

Like many small and medium sized businesses, Jane Keightley, director of Giggleberries Mens Underwear at thought that the impending credit crunch would result in more than a brief downturn in business and that her sales figures would be pants.

However, it has been the opposite and her ecommerce business is going from strength to strength, which she attributes not least to the support of her Walking Coach and advocates that all businesses should make a New Years resolution to do the same if they want to survive 2009.

Jane explains that, 'in times of crisis training and development is one of the first things to go, as many businesses see it as an unnecessary cost'. However, Jane recognises that during difficult time's businesses need to be more savvy, creative and smarter than their competitors in order to survive, claiming that professional coaching can really help take a business to new levels and make the necessary step changes to stay ahead of the game.

Coaching is something that Jane has always enjoyed the benefits of and therefore required little convincing when she was approached by Tracy Pepper of the Walking Coach at

'I have always valued coaching, but was amazed at just how much can be achieved when you explore business ideas whilst out walking. Getting in touch with nature and being outdoors really encourages much more creative thinking. There is so much truth in the saying, "The richness I achieve comes from Nature, the source of my inspiration" - by Claude Monet', says Jane who also explained that her walking coach has enabled her to identify many innovative business approaches for the future.

Jane meets regularly with her walking coach and will spend one to two hours walking whilst being coached, which enables her to explore areas of business growth and development. Jane explained that it is a wonderful way to kill two birds with one stone because it enables her to re-focus on what is important for Giggleberries, whilst also having an escape that is physically beneficial as well, 'I always feel able to think with much greater clarity afterwards, re-energized and healthier for it as well'.

Jane explained that this was the best thing she has ever done for herself and her business and that her New Years resolution will be to do more business coaching with her walking coach in order to develop many of the fresh and unique ideas she has for Giggleberries.

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Giggleberries is an fledgling online ecommerce buisness, owned and managed by business woman, Jane Keightley, which retails a range of quality designer men's underwear for worldwide delivery.

The Walking Coach is part of a business coaching programme run for Chief Executives and Senior Managers. It complements more traditional business coaching delivery and enables business leaders to achieve clarity and fresh thinking outside of the confines of a formal office setting.

Tracy Pepper a former Managing Director of a large service delivery business