Natural Body in Balance Announces a Natural Solution to Female Hormone Imbalance Symptoms

January 06, 2009 (PRLEAP.COM) Health News
Dr. Maegan Davis of Natural Body in Balance recently announced that she is finding more and more women frustrated with conventional medical approaches to maintaining female hormone balance.

"Young women are put on The Pill to "regulate" their cycle, and then as they mature are given HRT to "replace" their cycle," says Dr. Davis. "The Pill doesn't "regulate" your cycle; it disrupts the design of the cycle, throwing everything off balance. And, it oftentimes doesn't improve when they stop. They are having irregular, symptomatic cycles and experiencing trouble getting and staying pregnant."

Synthetic hormones found in The Pill and HRT are linked to many forms of cancer, including breast cancer, and with other medical issues such as heart disease. Women are faced with the choice of taking a drug with dangerous side effects or feeling horrible with hormone imbalance symptoms like mood swings, depression, sugar and carb cravings, weight gain, hot flashes, headaches, digestive issues, and even more.

Women today are looking for a more natural, safe method to maintain their natural hormone balance. "There are several natural methods of birth control that will not disrupt the normal female cycle," says Dr. Davis. "If The Pill is the only option at the time," she continues, "Natural Body in Balance offers a nutritional supplemental protocol that will minimize the risks of The Pill without interfering with its effectiveness."

Natural Body in Balance offers saliva testing and hair analysis to determine actual hormone levels and mineral imbalances which will "throw off the body's natural design," claims Dr. Davis. "Our body was designed to cycle normally without PMS, designed to reproduce without miscarriage, and designed to gradually transition into menopause without hot flashes, night sweats, depression, or other female hormone imbalance symptoms."

Proper testing is crucial to determine where the body is imbalanced and then to correct the female hormone imbalance with the use of whole food supplements, herbs and bioidentical hormones. With the right nutritional protocol and the right lifestyles modifications, hormone imbalance symptoms can be corrected.

Dr. Maegan Davis has more than 26 years of experience in chiropractic care. She formed Natural Body in Balance in March 2008 to help women who are struggling with a wide variety of symptoms associated with female hormone imbalance. To learn more about Natural Body in Balance visit