MyClaim raise concerns as report of deaths as a result of medical mistake increase by more than double

January 13, 2009 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
Alarming official figures released by the government this month show that deaths caused by hospital mistakes have increased by 60% in the last two years. Records show that 3,645 people died as a result of "patient safety incidents" between April 2007 and March 2008, 1,370 higher than just two years earlier. This increase in medical mistakes is also mirrored by the increase in medical negligence compensation awarded by the courts for medical negligence, which rose by 18% last year. Personal injury claims specialist MyClaim views these figure with great concern.

Whilst experts argue this does not present an accurate picture because reporting has improved significantly over the last two years, critics allege that government targets which are putting increasing pressure on our doctors and nurses are having an adverse affect on the quality of NHS care.

When one considers that the NHS sees a million people every 36 hours, these figures must be taken in context. However, they cannot be taken lightly and clearly demonstrate that more needs to be done to improve standards within the NHS. This is even more so the case when it is thought the actual death toll due to medical mistakes is likely to be higher than recorded, because many hospitals still do not record all of the 'patient safety incidents'

Norman Lamb, the Liberal Democrat health spokesman commented 'These statistics are stark and the trend is shocking. There needs to be a change of culture at the heart of the NHS. We have got far too many targets and there is a real risk that, although they are very effective at addressing a specific issue, they mean trusts do not see safety as a priority.'

With incidents of medical mistakes as high as they are MyClaim can only echo these concerns and it calls for the government to do more to improve the quality of care within the NHS.

Peter Walsh of pressure group Action Against Medical Accidents, commented 'We need to make patient safety a much higher priority. Staff need training and there needs to be an overhaul of surgical practice, where many avoidable errors happen."

If you are unfortunate enough to be or have been the victim of medical mistake, you may wish to bring a claim for compensation. Medical negligence claim cases are inherently complex in nature and it is imperative that you instruct the right solicitors to give your claim the best chance of success.

MyClaim recommends contacting a firm of solicitors with a highly acclaimed clinical negligence team, ideally including lawyers both qualified in law and medicine, with invaluable inside knowledge. You should also look out for a firm that can offer you a team of legal experts including No Win No Fee solicitors, which guarantees that the client will receive 100% of their compensation.