Mastermind Software Gives Incentives for Current Users

January 15, 2009 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
Mastermind Software is now offering special incentives for all users to come over and try Activator software, Mastermind's new and exciting marketing product which helps to increase everything from sales figures to automating follow up marketing efforts.

Mastermind Software will be allowing a free 30 day trial of Activator software to all users. Mastermind Software is a very powerful sales and management tool which will help all users stay up to date in correspondence and follow up with potential prospects. users can benefit from Activator software which will help in efficiency by increasing productivity through means of automating marketing, sales and CRM processes. Mastermind promises to all users to DOUBLE productivity and provide sales management with 100% accurate reporting on contact along with sales person activity. Activator software is compatible with many different tools such as ACT and Outlook for all users to fully take advantage of. Mastermind always had a goal to make their programs extremely compatible with all daily tools used in today's market place. Mastermind hopes that they can show users just how important a tool like Activator can be to their overall marketing approach. With everyone's busy lives getting everything done on time and well is often times a challenge, which is where Activator steps in. Activator is perfect for professionals, sales teams and small businesses looking to increase productivity along with positive sales movement within their organization.

With Activator there are no more excuses that there is not enough time during the day. Activator creates new found time for you to actively keep up with all your leads. Mastermind has made it a point to get in touch with users and have them try to use the Activator software. Mastermind is so sure Sales Force users will enjoy using this powerful CRM software so much that they will want to continue using Activator over Staying in touch with your prospects will become extremely important heading into 2009. It is no surprise that the sales cycle at many companies has gotten longer due to economic conditions. It will be much easier now for many sales managers and marketing professionals to forget about old prospects. Activator helps by filling in that gap in lag time. Mastermind has created this product in order to help business effectively grow their client base by introducing a quick and easy way to connect with already existing sales tools and stay on people radars no matter how long it has been since last contact with that specific prospect. Mastermind realizes that one of the biggest areas of opportunity for many sales professionals is proper follow up. Often time's sales teams and individuals need a little help in this area.

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Carl Thompson