Skin Laboratory Targets Website at Educating Consumers in the Science of Skincare

January 16, 2009 (PRLEAP.COM) Health News
January 16, 2009 — Today Skin Laboratory launches a newly designed website. The new site puts Skin Lab's extensive knowledge base right in front of the user. A large library of videos tutorials describing various skin conditions, such as acne, age spots, and melasma is available online. Once the consumer understands the difference between medical grade and cosmetic skin care they can decide for themselves so they can choose products based on their needs, skin conditions and desired results.

Skin Laboratory founder and CEO William Scarmardo said a drive to provide customers with information to understand the benefits of each individual chemical peel was the inspiration for the redesign of the website. "We want our customers to understand exactly what specific treatments will and won't do, and allow them to choose the best treatment," he said, "it can often be frustrating when too much unorganized information is presented all at once. I wanted to make sure everything was clearly explained and conveniently located."

The new website is the latest of several expansions for Skin Laboratory, and will be followed by a new product line in the upcoming year.

As we get older, cell turn over slows down, causing the accumulation of dead skin cells and debris around the pores making the skin look dull with fine lines or promoting bacteria growth exacerbating acne conditions and rosacea. Further, free radical damage caused by environmental factors such as pollution, sun exposure and poor diet deteriorate collagen production. Wrinkles and a tired appearance of the skin are a result of a breakdown of collagen's protein network that provides the structure of the skin.

Skin Laboratory manufactures a line of aggressive, results oriented products with specific protocols that target all skin types and improve a variety of skin conditions to combat the general effects of aging. Savvy consumers are demanding solutions to maintaining a youthful looking appearance and many of these consumers are finding solutions with Skin Laboratory products.

Even though a department store product can factually declare that it has strong active ingredients, including AHA and BHA, their effectiveness is determined by the pH of the product, the delivery system, whether the product is buffered and the allowable volume of these active ingredients. There are definite limitations to over the counter products, whereas with many medically supervised products, ingredients and procedures are more aggressive and therefore results more visible and measurable. Skin Laboratory seeks to offer the benefits of both, combining powerful, scientifically developed chemical peels along with the ease of use of over the counter products.

For more information about Skin Laboratory, please visit our website at or call toll-free at 1-888-475-6522.