New philosophy for Fitness Footwear starts with hi-tec brand

January 23, 2009 (PRLEAP.COM) Sports News
This week online retailer, Fitness Footwear announced its new slogan, expressing its desire to offer the webs widest choice of sports and outdoor footwear, beginning with British manufacturer hi-tec.

Hi-Tec exploded into sports in the 1970s with the hi-tec squash shoe before developing a wide range of footwear for all manner of indoor and outdoor activities including badminton, tennis, running and hiking, as well as a selection of fashion styles.

By offering a great choice of sports shoes to the hungry internet audience, Fitness Footwear plans to surpass its competitors by having a wider range of hi-tec trainers and hi-tec boots available to buy.

MD Luke Barlow said: "When someone searches for shoes on the internet they want it to be a quick and easy process. So buy offering a bigger range and greater choice, it's far more likely that will we have exactly what they are looking for available to buy right away."

This new philosophy has paid off for Fitness Footwear as they report record sales of hi-tec hiking boots.

"The great thing about hi-tec is that they build their footwear to be rugged and hard wearing with good looks, lightweight comfort and high quality; all for a very appealing price."

Due to the cold, wet and gloomy weather, hi-tec waterproof boots have also been a popular choice among a growing number of outdoor enthusiasts seeking suitable footwear for the winter conditions.

It is little wonder then why hi-tec are such a popular shoe manufacturer, considering that their wide range of waterproof hiking boots offer comfort, insulation and exceptional underfoot support for all manner of terrain from muddy marshes to rocky paths.

By offering web's widest choice of sports and outdoor shoes, Fitness Footwear is constantly changing with the economic climate and the weather conditions, by offering value during the cold winter months while looking forward to the changes to come from a change in the seasons.