Daniel T. Ferrera's 2009 Stock Market Forecast Now Available: An Essential Tool for Any Serious Investor and Analyst

January 23, 2009 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
Idylwild, CA January 23, 2009: In late 2007, market forecaster Daniel T. Ferrera wrote "Outlook for 2008," published by the Sacred Science Institute. Ferrera's work, inspired by the late W.D. Gann's famed forecasting work, utilizes extensive analysis of planetary longitudes, complex cycles work, and astute current trends analysis. His forecast for 2008 was consistently accurate throughout the year. He has now published his 2009 forecast titled, "Outlook for 2009," a must resource for any serious investor.

In addition to the forecast, "The Outlook for 2009," the text is filled with fascinating insights and educational materials, particularly concerning W. D. Gann's "Financial Time Table," created in 1909. Gann himself has been quoted as saying that he made his greatest discovery on August 8th, 1908. Within a year following that date, he had compiled this Financial Time Table, a worksheet that predicted years of recession, depression, high stock prices, panics, low stock prices, speculative times, stock market crashes, labor strikes, and so on. The table is based upon a particular combination of cycles and periodicity, which is not immediately obvious to most.

Gann's Financial Time Table has been a source of great speculation within the community of Gann researchers and market analysts for the past century. This amazing table has predicted the trends of the market quite accurately for the last 100 years. Ferrera has now updated, corrected and brought Gann's Financial Time Table up to contemporary times in "The Outlook For 2009." In addition, Ferrera has given one of the first clear explanations of how this important table actually works. The value of this insight alone is worth the cost of "The Outlook For 2009."

In his groundbreaking text, "Wheels Within Wheels," Ferrera boldly published a forecast for over 100 years extending to the year 2108. See the attached June 1999 to December 2008 chart comparing Ferrera's forecast to actual market performance, which has proven to be astonishingly accurate. Ferrera's annual forecast features much greater detail. For example, Ferrera correctly called the top in October 2007 within one week, the bottom in mid-March 2008, the subsequent rally into mid-June and the sharp decline that has happened since. The complete "Outlook for 2008" is available free on line at: www.sacredscience.com/ferrera plus additional free charts.

In "Outlook for 2008", Ferrera began by analyzing election years ending in 8 and correlated them to a summation wave of two long-term cycles, 42 and 36 years. From this initial phase of his analysis, he determined a generalized pattern. He compared these wave patterns to a long-term summation wave of the longitudes of the outer planets of the solar system, from Jupiter to Pluto. In this analysis, 1948 and 2008 appear at very similar curves on the summation wave, leading Ferrera to conclude that 1948 was the correct model for 2008. He then developed the detailed chart for 2008 that forecasts an overall down year.

In the forecast for the New Year, "The Outlook for 2009", Ferrera applies the same methodologies to develop a detailed month-by-month forecast from January to December. Besides being an invaluable overall guide to market direction, the text also serves to educate the reader in the art and methodologies of market forecasting.