February 02, 2009 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
Las Vegas, NV (February, 2, 2009) — Mark Joyner, Inc. announced that its high-profile subsidiary, Simpleology, has agreed to terms to acquire Cashmap brand currently held by Cashmap Systems, LLC. Parties on both sides anticipate a boost in sales and exposures of Cashmap's business education and training tools.

Cashmaps provide step-by-step details of revenue generating strategies used by entrepreneurs, small business owners, and small to large-sized corporations. They are easy-to-follow instructional materials featuring a unique presentation method and an emphasis on how processes relate to one another.

Mark Joyner, who introduced the well-recognized Simpleology time management and success training series, described Cashmaps as "the 'eighty-twenty' rule in action". According to Joyner, "The Pareto Principle says that twenty percent of what you actually do produces eighty percent of your results. Cashmaps supply precision focus on that productive twenty percent, which gives people the ability to spend their time where it really makes a difference".

Joyner was impressed with the Cashmap products from the beginning. "I know that people respond so well to real advice. We've seen that with the success of Simpleology. There's a hunger for good, lean, straightforward instruction and from the moment I saw one of the first Cashmaps, I knew it was just what people in business are wanting and needing. We're beyond excited to be attached to the Cashmap name".

Joyner isn't the only one who's happy. The shift in Cashmap ownership represents "bringing two organizations together in a way that capitalizes on the strengths of each," according to Brad Semp, the Founder of Cashmap Systems, LLC. "We bring solid, actionable content that produces results. Mark and his team are the kind of sales and marketing experts that can increase awareness of the brand. It's an ideal fit".

Semp describes Cashmaps as a "secret weapon for businesses of all sizes". Joyner, who boasted high-level security clearance as a Cold War-era U.S. military intelligence officer before embarking on a successful marketer career, agrees. "A secret weapon? Absolutely", he concurred. "But we don't want to keep it that way. This agreement is designed to bring Cashmaps to as many people and businesses as possible."

Cashmaps are accessible at

Terms of the acquisition have not been released to the public.