Thirsty Pocket - A revolutionary application to buy and sell using the iPhone. Snap it, Post it, Sell it.

February 06, 2009 (PRLEAP.COM) Technology News
Thirsty Pocket Labs announces Thirsty Pocket , an exciting, new marketplace available now through the iTunes Store Free Download here. The application aims to create the premiere marketplace for "Generation iPhone" through its ease of use for sellers, and fun and convenient way to buy for shoppers.

Post a rich media ad in less than a minute.

Thirsty Pocket offers this innovative selling and shopping solution to eliminate the complexities and lengthy time required to post and purchase items on other on-line sites such as eBay and Craigslist. Smartphone users no longer need these cumbersome, awkward sites. Thirsty Pocket provides pain-free posting and convenient, fun shopping.

No other marketplace offers such ease of use for sellers or such fun for buyers. iPhone users can snap it, post it, and sell it in less than 60 seconds. This is the first time technology has enabled a person to post classified ads with pictures using one application on one mobile device. Creating ads with high quality pictures and browsing ads are both done on the iPhone without any need for a computer!

No account setup is required and there are no fees. Buyers see what is for sale in their current location or anywhere in the US. It's fun to flick through pictures looking for cool items for sale or to discover that great deal.


Thirsty Pocket was designed for non-technical users to easily post items with pictures for sale. It takes only sixty seconds to snap a picture and post an item to the Thirsty Pocket marketplace. Smartphone users can quickly see what is for sale at work, home, commuting, traveling or at sporting events. Browsing through pictures of sale items is addictive thanks to Thirsty Pocket's rich media views.

The unparalleled ease of use also fits perfectly with busy Smartphone users who have not found the time needed to post items on other marketplaces. Thirsty Pocket will attract current eBay and Craigslist users and the many people who found posting on those marketplaces to be too complicated or too time consuming. Additionally, the next generation of users has a predisposition to using their phone for everything, so it is predictable they will bypass web based marketplaces and go straight to Thirsty Pocket.

Our client-server solution uses several proprietary optimization techniques transparent to end users that ensure a snappy feel to the application. Thirsty Pocket makes use of the location awareness, integrated camera, and rich media presentation to create a new shopping experience never seen before. The server infrastructure ensures ecommerce availability and security.

About Thirsty Pocket Labs:

Thirsty Pocket Labs leverages the ground breaking technology and the ease of use of the iPhone to solve problems that concerns millions of people. The team has applied countless years of experience in mobile technology to create a seamless solution for listing items for sale with rich graphics. The Thirsty Pocket iPhone application is the first disruptive solution to be announced.

Thirsty Pocket is a trademark of Thirsty Pocket Labs. The Appstore and the iPhone are trademarks of Apple Computer.

Download Thirsty pocket from the apple itunes store here: