NBIB Raises Concern Over Hormonal Imbalance

February 07, 2009 (PRLEAP.COM) Health News
The rising number of people suffering from problems caused by hormonal imbalance has become a serious concern. Not only is the common man being diagnosed with these problems; so are high profile names like Apple Inc. founder Steve Jobs. Jobs recently confirmed to the public that he is undergoing treatment for weight loss due to hormonal imbalance by posting a letter on the company's website.

Hormone imbalance has affected the lives of millions in recent years. Those who have been afflicted report having symptoms that could not be explained by doctors. However, they share common symptoms including weight problems, fatigue, joint ache, anxiety attacks and short term memory loss.

Centers for the diagnosis and treatment of the disorder have been established across the United States. Natural Body in Balance is one such organization that addresses the problems causing hormonal imbalance and prescribes natural remedies to cure its symptoms. The company offers treatment that analyzes the patient's health history and suggests changes in their lifestyle and eating habits, including recommendations for natural whole-food supplements, high quality herbs and sublingual bioidentical hormones.

Citing Jobs's example, Dr. Maegan Davis of Natural Body in Balance said, "Although there has not yet been a single specific cause detected for hormon imbalance, some factors that are commonly discovered are intense stress, adrenal issues, and thyroid issues." She further added, "It is extremely important to eradicate the cause instead of simply focusing on the treatment of symptoms. At NBIB, we rely on saliva testing as it examines the active available hormone, compared to the protein-bound inactive form found in blood tests. Also, many people who visit us find saliva tests and hair analysis easier and more affordable when compared to blood tests."

Natural Body in Balance, through its website, urges that those concerned about an imbalance get their hormone and mineral levels tested in a timely manner to ensure that they receive the proper hormones and dosage required for healthy living. NBIB tests are carried out under the guidance of experts and are safe, effective and affordable.

For more information on Natural Body in Balance and available tests and treatments for Hormonal Imbalance, visit http://www.naturalbodyinbalance.com/