IsleptThroughClass Lecture Notes Resource Unfairly Disqualified from Business Competition

February 10, 2009 (PRLEAP.COM) Education News
Dayton, OH Despite providing excellent college class notes for students and placing among five finalists for a $15,000 prize, was disqualified from the University of Dayton Business Competition for the "connotation of its name." This setback proved to be minor, and the company has grown into a full-fledged online student resource center. Using an innovative reward system, allows students to post lecture notes from their universities. Everyone who posts relevant documents, image scans, or PDFs receives reward points redeemable for gift cards in an online catalog, while the cream of the crop get extra rewards from the administrators, adding additional incentive for quality submissions. Members with enough quality submissions under their belts get status upgrades and even more rewards.

Registration is free, and participation is not required. Members can simply download notes from IsleptThroughClass without submitting anything of their own, but they'll be missing out on what makes the community great. As active members, students can network with each other, explore new learning opportunities, and share GPA-boosting tips. It's like an enhanced dorm experience, only nationwide and with private showers. may not have won the business competition, but they're proving to be a true trailblazer in the realm of community-driven lecture note exchange. Getting to class should always be a student's first priority, but is the perfect backup plan in case of an emergency.

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