Alternative Cisco Provider MLCP Uses Internet to Educate the Public

February 10, 2009 (PRLEAP.COM) Technology News
Torrance, CA February 10, 2009 Beginning in January of this year, MULTI-LINK Communications Products (MLCP), the well-known alternate provider of refurbished Cisco I.T. hardware, began doing something besides buying and selling used routers, switches and telephones. The company decided that it was time to educate the public about how information is kept secure on the internet and more importantly, how it can be compromised.

Most of us, even business owners that use advanced I.T. networks for critical business applications, don't really understand what's happening when someone gets online and purchases a product off the internet. You hear about the importance of firewalls and antivirus protection, and you know that some websites are certified as 'secure' while others aren't, but what's really going on that makes data transmission a secure process or not? We know that those I.T. folks have a closet full of routers, and switches, and cables, but what does all that stuff really do?

"Internet use is something that everyone takes part in whether you're buying a book off Amazon or setting up a network to link sixty computers together in multiple offices," explains Eric Tanaka, President of MLCP. "In talking to customers who come to us needing to buy used Cisco Hardware, we realized that people aren't any more educated about how internet security works than they were when we first started out in this business thirteen years ago." That's why Tanaka decided to add an educational component to their website to break down the aspects of internet commerce and security into short, succinct articles that people can easily understand. The website at still details the vast array of used Cisco equipment that MULTI-LINK sells, along with their monthly specials on products, and their ability to quickly quote bids on used equipment that customers would like to get rid of, but now it also offers a series of 400-word articles explaining concepts and terms associated with internet security.

"The more people understand about internet security-whether you're a customer or a business owner with your own network-the more confident people become about knowing how to protect themselves and their clients' confidential data. We launched this series of educational articles just to help people. We don't make them register on our site to see them or use it as a marketing tool to capture email addresses. We simply want to help people become more knowledgeable," says Tanaka.

The new, educational articles that explain how routers and switches keep data transmission secure through methods like "tunneling" and "virtual private networks," is only one component of MLCP's new website. The company is launching a completely revamped, user-friendly website this month. Each month, new articles will be added, so people can keep coming back to the site, and spend a few minutes learning about a different component of network security. With identity and credit card theft on the rise, we could all use a little more knowledge about how data is secured and kept safe on the internet.

In addition to the launch of easy-to-read articles on the website, MULTI-LINK carries an extensive inventory of used Cisco equipment, new Cisco hardware, and if what their customers need isn't in stock, they're committed to finding it for them. They often ship faster than the factory using a network of trustworthy domestic and international distribution partners so that their customers get the Cisco equipment they need as quickly as possible. In addition, MULTI-LINK offers a standard One Year Warranty on everything it sells, including refurbished and used Cisco equipment.

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