Holiday Resales Webinar Takes the Mystery out of Timeshare

February 13, 2009 (PRLEAP.COM) Travel News
Holiday Resales, a division of Holiday Group, has announced its next webinar, "Timeshare Demystified: A Beginner's Guide to Timeshare." The free virtual seminar will take place on Thursday, February 26, from 5:30 p.m. to 6:00 p.m. PST.

The webinar is free and open to the public. Please visit for information on registration, or email to

The "Timeshare Demystified" webinar will feature vacation lifestyle expert and writer, Lisa Ann Schreier. "In this economic climate, consumers absolutely need to know the facts before looking at a timeshare, or even thinking about buying one," said Schreier, author of "Timeshare Vacations For Dummies."

Web seminars, popularly referred to as webinars, are a convenient alternative to traditional seminars, allowing people to participate via their computers from home or work. Attendees see and hear the live seminar, and can even interact with questions or comments of their own. Please visit for more information about Holiday's popular webinar series.

Holiday's Director of Sales, Gail Bennett, will host the webinar. "I think it's especially important how we spend our money in these times, that we always try to maximize value," Bennett said. "That's one reason why timeshare, especially resale timeshare, makes sense. And there's no one better to explain the ins and outs of vacation ownership than Lisa."

Among the topics to be covered in the webinar are timesharing basics, who should and should not purchase a timeshare, how the exchange process works, and fixed weeks versus floating weeks or points. Lisa Ann Schreier will also address a question that remains a mystery even to timeshare owners: why doesn't timeshare have a better reputation?

"Even though almost 80% of timeshare owners are happy with the product and would buy again, the industry still isn't doing enough to help frazzled consumers through the timeshare woods," Schreier noted. "Without knowing what questions to ask, consumers can get taken for a ride if they're not careful. This webinar covers the basics and can also be used as a great refresher for timeshare owners."

Holiday's webinars offer real-world knowledge about timesharing in a no-pressure, consumer friendly environment. The "Timeshare Demystified" webinar will last about 30 minutes and then be followed by an open question and answer session.

"What I've enjoyed most about our webinars is they're so interactive," Bennett said. "Folks new to timeshare as well as people who have owned for years come together to share their experiences, ask questions, and get unbiased information about our industry."

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Date: Thursday, February 26, 2009
Time: 5:30 p.m. to 6:00 p.m. PST
Webinar registration:
Webinar home page:

About Lisa Ann Schreier
Lisa Ann Schreier, aka "The Timeshare Crusader," is the founder of Timeshare Insights (, a consumer information source serving the more than 3 million Americans who attend a timeshare sales presentation or "pitch" annually, as well as the more than 4 million Americans who already own one or more timeshares. Her first book, "Surviving A Timeshare Presentation: Confessions From The Sales Table," has been a big hit with consumers who are looking for the truth about timeshares. She followed that success with another book, "Timeshare Vacations For Dummies."

Schreier has more than 7 years experience in the timeshare sales industry and has also served as a contributing writer for The Timeshare Beat.

About Holiday Group
Holiday's online timeshare business connects thousands of vacation buyers with discount timeshares every year. Founded in 1992, Holiday was one of the first timeshare companies to host a comprehensive Web site. Holiday is headquartered in sunny Seattle. Please visit for more information.