Insurance Wars book helps small business owners prosper in daunting economy

March 19, 2009 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
FOUNTAIN HILLS, ARIZ. Chuck Tompkins, author of the Insurance Wars, uses his book to help small business owners understand how to navigate even the toughest business climates.

In a series of "quick-read," colorful chapters, Tompkins vows to help small businesses spare the pain he inevitably faced. From employee considerations and financial planning to long-term growth and succession goals, The Insurance Wars promises real-life examples and advice designed to help small business owners avoid entrepreneurial pitfalls and prosper.

Now, more than three decades into his life as a multi-millionaire and insurance industry expert, Tompkins still humbly remembers the day his $90,000 incoming commission checks weren't enough to convince a small-town banker he was worth his weight.

"There we sat with a vibrant, excellently managed independent insurance business, moving ahead with strong sales, at a time when all other agencies in town were reeling and losing premium; and this stupid, cold-hearted fool was turning me down for a loan," Tompkins writes in his book The Insurance Wars. "

Shortly after that, Tompkins borrowed $10,000 from his father in law and paid him back in less than 60 days with interest. "Don's generosity literally saved my business at the time," Tompkins said.

Via a powerfully honest and hearty, "tell-it-like-it-is" reflection, Tompkins uses The Insurance Wars to recount many all-too humbling, entrepreneurial lessons like these. They confirm his promise to one day write a book designed to help other small businesses succeed.