AP&T: The Choice Of The Exhaust System Industry

February 17, 2009 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
A large number of cars built nowadays–barring the ones made in Japan–are outfitted with exhaust systems made by the Estonia-based company, Universal Industries. Over the past few years, the company has greatly ramped up its manufacturing activities and has begun to market its own brand of exhaust systems for a wide range of different automobile manufacturers. This is particularly significant with regard to AP&T, since the company supplies the press automation equipment used by Universal Industries.

The growth of Universal Industries is actually quite remarkable, having started out as a modestly sized manufacturer of exhaust systems back in the late 80s. Over time, the company grew to almost 150 employees and two manufacturing plants, and built up an international clientele to match. Today, their product line is almost entirely intended for the international market.

Universal Industries was originally established in order to provide aftermarket exhaust systems, but the company has since reinvented itself as an OEM for various car manufacturers. As such, they currently offer original exhaust systems solely intended for automobile installation.

Universal Industries Meets With The Exacting Requirements Of The Automotive Industry

With the automotive industry increasingly becoming more demanding, there is a great need for high quality products and reliable service from parts manufacturers, and Universal Industries ably keeps up with that demand with the help of AP&T.

Dependable And Flexible: The AP&T Advantage

President of Universal Industries Jüri Vellerand emphatically states the need for utmost dependability and flexibility in their equipment. This is the main reason for the company's affiliation with AP&T, whose press automation systems offer a wide range of compatibility with different systems. It is this equipment that allows Universal Industries to ramp up their automation process in a gradual manner, giving them a means to increase production as the demand grows. The presses and automation equipment provided by AP&T also gives Universal Industries more control over the consistency of their products.

The AP&T-Universal Industries Relationship

The two companies have actually been in business for several years now, with contracts having been signed as far back as the late 90s. AP&T's Jan Jonasson explains that the company first delivered presses and automation equipment to Universal Industries in 2004. Weighing in at more than 800 tons, this machinery was used by Universal Industries for clipping and drawing purposes. AP&T has since provided Universal Industries with two more pieces of press equipment–weighing 200 and 800 tons respectively–in addition to automation equipment that greatly sped up the production process. With the cost of labor on the rise in Estonia, these pieces represent a valuable investment that Universal Industries will greatly benefit from for a long time to come.

The growing Estonian market

AP&T firmly believes that Estonia is a particularly ripe ground for the company's press automation equipment, with the potential for even more sales in the future assured. The fact that the country enjoys a particularly favorable relationship with Sweden only bodes well for the company's future in Estonia.