Much Needed Recruitment Help Comes from TalentSpring's Automated Recruitment Tools During Tough Economy

February 17, 2009 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
Seattle, Wash. (February 17, 2009) - Economic times have put strains on most corporate recruiting departments; both by slashing budgets and by layoffs or slowing hires. During these critical times the need to find and hire the best candidates into a company is even more prevalent. "Business and agency recruiters alike can't afford sourcing and interviewing non-qualified candidates", says Mike Hays, Vice President of Sales at TalentSpring, an advanced automated candidate sourcing company. Additionally, businesses are in desperate need of finding new top talent that will excel in their roles and help propel the company forward.

Today's job market is flooded with candidates, and many would think this is a good thing for those hiring, the reality is it is every bit as challenging now to find good hires as it has ever been. With the flood of layoffs, company closures and mergers, over 1.9million jobs were lost in 2008 according to CNN Money. At the same time the number of available jobs is shrinking. The result recruiters getting buried alive with stacks of resumes from thousands of candidates looking for work.

While the economic forecast is cloudy at best, a Seattle, Washington based company, TalentSpring, is building solutions to help handle the masses quickly and very economically so recruiters can find the best candidate to fit a job requisition's exact needs. Their solution to use a SAAS to automate sourcing from social networks, job boards and even Applicant Tracking Systems to sort millions of lesser qualified candidates from the ones that would be a perfect match. The matched candidates are then ranked and the best of the best rise to the top for easy contacting. While the technology is impressive, it's even more compelling when you learn that all this is accomplished in roughly 60 seconds.

"I procedurally reviewed all the 25 retrieved candidates. Astonishingly, the ranked results were provided in the same order I would have ranked the results(their first displayed five were the top five I'd have selected).From my perspective, Talentspring's Semantic-based technology is web 2.0 material and excels beyond comparison to all other capture tools to date," says William Christison, a Healthcare recruiter.

Recruiters these days need to find ways to be more efficient, scrappy, and try to find better matched candidates faster. There are a number of new technologies available from automated sourcing tools to ATS systems to new candidate pools popping up - and most providers will let you try these services for free. My advice if they are free, give them a try. What do you have to lose?

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About TalentSpring
TalentSpring is an automated candidate sourcing tool developed by recruiters for recruiters. The advanced web-based technology sources active and passive candidates across job boards, networking sites and applicant tracking systems to find best matched candidates to fill job requisitions. With 9 patents behind the A.I. technology, TalentSpring is able to mirror the steps a top recruiter takes to seek out and rank each candidate. TalentSpring can help you significantly lower recruitment costs and accomplish sourcing in as little as 60 seconds. Learn more about automated candidate sourcing by visiting