eBay Users Get Rewarded For Voicing Their Opinion

August 23, 2005 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
Members of eBay now have a new independent community available where they are able to turn for advice while getting paid at the same time. The new forum takes advantage of an Ad-Revenue sharing concept which gives all contributors the opportunity to benefit fincially from helping others or letting others know your thoughts.

Any visitors to the forum have the opportunity to register their google adsense publisher code within their profile. Once the member makes a minimum of just two posts, any further contributions will instruct the forum to insert their publisher code within the google ads displayed. All displays & clicks will then be credited to the contributors account.

"Although eBay has it's own community forum this forum was setup as it was felt the need for a completly independent forum away from the control of eBay. We realise with eBays massive exposure members sometimes have questions, queries or the need to voice their opinion on eBay policy. Even established members & power sellers occasionally have to turn to others for advice. The forum provides an independent venue for members to communicate with others users while at the same time giving them the opportunity to earn some revenue for their contribution." said Mark Kenny who setup & administrates the forum.

For additional information contact Mark Kenny, or visit the forum and see the Ad-Revenue section. The site is available at: http://eBusinesseBooks.com/forum

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