February 27, 2009 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
The Pascall Company, LLC, a management consulting and strategy firm specializing in diversity recruiting, consulting, training, and human resource services, announced a significant increase in outplacement services as part of severance packages offered by law firms conducting layoffs during this economic downtime.

"It's like taking a vitamin pill to ensure the long term health of both the employer and employee during a difficult reduction in force," said Teddy Pierre, CEO and president of The Pascall Company. "Outplacement services help the firm to proactively preserve current assets and to convey that they are sensitive to the needs of their employees."

In accord with the 2008 record for most jobs lost since 1945, there have been an escalating number of layoffs in the traditionally stable legal industry. Instead of allowing layoffs to tarnish reputations, several law firms have used outplacement services to provide a positive transition plan for those re-entering the job market. The goodwill effort of providing employment assistance dissuades laid-off employees from criticizing the firm or filing lawsuits, which could have a negative effect on client perceptions, hurt future recruiting efforts, and distress current employees.

"We used to only see larger firms enlisting outplacement services as an overall business strategy," said Pierre, regarding why outplacement services have valuable benefits for both mid-sized and larger law firms. "Today, it's clear that firms of all sizes can boost current employee morale during a time of uncertainty by offering laid-off attorneys the tools to stay above the fray."

The Pascall Company's outplacement program, Your Career Essentials, educates attorneys in the most efficient methods of job searches, resume development, networking, interviewing, and salary negotiations. The in-depth program, described in detail at, includes access to the unpublished job market and career counseling to guide attorneys to new positions as quickly as possible.

"Law firm leaders offering outplacement assistance in severance packages can rest assured that the talented attorneys they had once sought to recruit will survive this economically induced setback and will be prepared to succeed elsewhere in the legal industry," said Pierre.

The Pascall Company, a team of professionals, attorneys, and management consultants, was founded by Teddy Pierre, a Harvard graduate with over 20 years of Fortune 100 human resources experience. The firm's mission is to help companies integrate diversity and human resources into an overall business strategy resulting in a productive and profitable organization. Since 2003, The Pascall Company has assisted law firms, engineering firms, government agencies, and corporations with diversity recruiting, consulting, training, and human resources.